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    Congratulations! :D That's so exciting! All that hard work paid off. :3
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    [spoilers below]

    God that ditto THOUGH it was like the forum event from way back come to life I was SO unnerved
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    i just saw it tonight! i was pretty wary at first but i'm glad i saw it :)
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    I saw the film on Tuesday, and while I certainly enjoyed it, I did have a few criticisms.

    Chief among those was that I did not find any of the characters, save for the titular Pikachu, to be figures of any depth or worth much emotional investment. I know that the appeal of Pokemon is that it is supposed to be very easy for the audience to insert themselves into the world, but there was a strong lack of weight to the human characters to the point that I don't even remember the main characters first name. (I did chuckle a bit at the pun in his last name, so that stayed with me.) There were also some plot elements that seemed very contrived and not very well-thought-out, that I will refrain from going into detail about. But suffice to say, I had to wonder if the writers were trying to welcome the audience in on a joke or if they actually thought that they were being clever when bandying about some sci-fi concepts as catch-alls. Finally, I was shocked to see some very adult humor in a film that was ostensibly aimed at children. Some jokes and light swearing seemed very much in-character for Pokemon fanworks, but out of the norm for something directly managed by the brand. I suppose that's what casting Ryan Reynolds gets you. There was a scene in particular with a Lickitung that physically repulsed me. It was as off-putting as the scene of Luke Skywalker fondling some weird dumb alien in The Last Jedi while it moaned in pleasure and then drinking its milk, and was just as necessary to the movie, which is to say, not at all. I swear, Hollywood...

    All that being said, there were some very good parts! First of all, as Neo said, they did a phenomenal job of making the Pokemon and human interactions in the physical world look natural and pleasing to the eye (even if there are some serious socio-economic criticisms to be made of this whole "Ryme City" project). Seeing Pokemon not only fly and fight, but also walk and talk in three dimensions was a real treat. Now there is no reason not to make a Pokemon Colosseum reboot or sequel, right? The humor was extremely well-dispersed as well. Only a few jokes failed to land in my theater, and there were some that had my friends and I rolling in the aisles. "Detective Pikachu" single-handedly redeemed Mr. Mime for me, which is no mean feat.

    Overall, I say it was bretty gud, and give it a respectable 4/5. At its worst, it's a Pokemon movie, so don't expect too much in terms of plot, cinematography, or sense. At its best, it's a Pokemon movie, so don't worry about all that junk! Lace up your Running Shoes, grab your Pokedex, and dive into a world populated by the creatures that you know and love.
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    I'm really glad it was good!! I was going to go last night but the session I wanted was already sold out! I'm glad it seems to be doing well, that means they might make more! :)
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    Congratulations roo! It can be a lot of pressure having known that beforehand. Hopefully it helps out in the future as you move closer toward the career that you want!
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    @roo Congratulations on graduating from college! Good luck with finding a good job!
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    Congrats!! Hope you are able to get a job in the field you want!
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    This is great! XD I enjoyed it, even if I didn't understand a word of it hehe. Man I wish I could speak Spanish. You did an awesome job. :3
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    @Noblejanobii In my opinion, you are both a great actress and a great editor. :D
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    @Cleobel @Neo Emolga

    Haha thank you both. I'm definitely not the best actress but I'm a half decent editor, no? And thanks for the good luck. I'm going to need it.
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    You were, by far, the best actor in this. :3 Now this is something I'd love to do and be in a movie trainer thingy, but I just never went into that kind of area. But hey, I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy something like this!

    Good luck with your finals!

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    @Noblejanobii Thank you for this blog entry and this video, and good luck with your finals!
    Congratulations on making a movie trailer! I find it very funny. You are a great actress, and I also like the fact that one of the characters has the same name as me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Emolga
    Platinum? Dang, that's more valuable than gold right there. XD

    Thanks for the nifty and interesting update! And as always, keep that great photogenic smile!
    Yeah I know! Probably the most expensive thing I've ever touched.

    Thanks! I will!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chakramaster
    Looks like you're continuing to have a blast!

    Always is kind of curious. To see how certain holiday's or historical events happened and are celebrated in other countries. Just like with history. There's our side (United States) and there's another country's. Somehow, they seem to have slight differences.

    It is odd how things need to be polished. Certain things take a very gentle touch and some more rough. Each one takes a little different care to it depending on the object.

    To see Samana Santa must have been nice! I'm guessing (without looking it up) it was for Easter? Just less bunny, and more based around what happened one that day in Christianity. Glad to see you're still having an awesome experience!
    Yeah so Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is the lead up to Easter Sunday. It's not very big in the US because US is not a predominantly Catholic country so other than churches holding like small festivals and such, there's not a lot that is celebrated. But in Spain and a lot of South American countries like Peru and Chile, Semana Santa is a HUGE deal. And because of its religious association it's less commercialized. That's not to say they don't have their own commercialized holidays, since Feria is in two weeks and that is definitely a commercialized holiday, but Semana Santa itself is more about church and religion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleobel
    @Noblejanobii Thank you for the update and the pictures! You look like a scientist when you polish the guide lamps. xD
    Haha thank you!
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    Platinum? Dang, that's more valuable than gold right there. XD

    Thanks for the nifty and interesting update! And as always, keep that great photogenic smile!