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  1. I'm going to Melbourne soon! :D

    Hello everybody! Today (March 24), my father visited me in Ghent... and we planned my trip to Melbourne! :)

    My plane tickets have been booked. I will leave Brussels on July 16, arrive in Melbourne on July 17, leave Melbourne on August 1 and be back in Brussels on August 2.
    As a result, I won't be in Belgium on July 21 (which is Belgian National Day) : this is a good thing for me because I'm afraid of fireworks. I will also be in Melbourne for Gemma's birthday.
    The ...
  2. Following my dream

    My dream is to be in a band; a band that records albums, goes touring, and all that good stuff that comes with getting your name out there.

    Recently, I think I've made good progress towards this dream. Last August, I left my band I had been with for almost two years. It was a hard choice, because I really connected with the guys and they were becoming almost family to me. The problem was that they were younger; the next oldest two were just starting college, and I was starting my ...
  3. Update on Kona!

    Here are some new pictures of Kona from the past month. She is so big now!

    We are taking her in more public places now and she is able to be a lot calmer around people and other dogs. She is so sweet and friendly.
  4. The Return of a Champion (Rome, Granada, and Cordoba Highlights)

    So as promised here's the latest highlights from my past two trips. After this the updates might slow down since I don't think I'll be traveling as much from here on out but we'll see.

    First we'll start with Rome. It was a lot of fun! I've been before but it was nearly 8 years ago at this point so it was nice to go back again, especially since I was going with a friend who had never been before. We lucked out and ended up going during European Culture week, which meant all the national ...
  5. My sleep life

    It is nonexistent. It is really starting to water me off. Especially at this very instant. It is 1 am, at the time of writing this; and here i am im bed, trying to sleep. That is a pretty normal human occurance, right? Even though i am practically an insomniac, it is normal for humans, right?

    You would think. Unless you are the people in my house who likes to watch tv. Loudly. Oh, i am sorry. I am sorry my sleep is inconviencing your bad word parade. By all means, blare your show ...
  6. I'm back! + Interesting Life update.

    Hi guys! It's been a long while, I'm in the midst of so much work but because of Sword and Shield and just a way for me to escape for a few minutes each day i've come back for a while and hopefully I can stay around. I'm super excited to start posting about theories on the new games, especially since they are based on where I come from. Finally a UK based region! haha.

    I'm posting this sort of as a way to sort through my thoughts at the moment. I probably shouldn't because it's super ...
    Slice of Life
  7. Morocco and Carnaval Highlights

    By popular demand (and by that I mean Neo requested it), I'm posting another update of my trips! I'll probably post updates every couple weeks while I'm still fairly actively traveling.

    So in the last couple weeks I've traveled to Morocco and to Cadiz, Spain. Both were absolutely amazing trips and were very interesting experiences.

    The first trip was Morocco, where I went on a tour that took us to three different cities. We got to barter, I bought several scarves, ...

    Yet again, the activity bug has bitten me in the boiyos and i am here with a vengence. Now, you all know me. The raging inferno of impulses blazes in me worse than...well, im not gonna make that joke..

    Anyway, PokeCommunity! Ive been a member for..well a very long time. Though, ive been on Serebii for far too long. Anyway x2, Ive had the same name for 6 YEARS. Unheard of! Especially for me! So what am i gonna do?

    I have no clue you choose for me, im too lazy ...