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  1. I'm back! + Interesting Life update.

    Hi guys! It's been a long while, I'm in the midst of so much work but because of Sword and Shield and just a way for me to escape for a few minutes each day i've come back for a while and hopefully I can stay around. I'm super excited to start posting about theories on the new games, especially since they are based on where I come from. Finally a UK based region! haha.

    I'm posting this sort of as a way to sort through my thoughts at the moment. I probably shouldn't because it's super ...
    Slice of Life
  2. Morocco and Carnaval Highlights

    By popular demand (and by that I mean Neo requested it), I'm posting another update of my trips! I'll probably post updates every couple weeks while I'm still fairly actively traveling.

    So in the last couple weeks I've traveled to Morocco and to Cadiz, Spain. Both were absolutely amazing trips and were very interesting experiences.

    The first trip was Morocco, where I went on a tour that took us to three different cities. We got to barter, I bought several scarves, ...