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  1. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part II

    This was from the other day. Sorry about the delay!

    Mauville City
    First and foremost, I want to state that I discovered the two BIGGEST disappointments of this game, of the two MAIN THINGS I was looking forward to.

    Mauville Game Corner. Pokeblocks.

    First, since it takes less time to explain, the closing of Mauville Game corner. Mainly because I REALLY wanted to see what they could have done with one of the best music tracks in the original game, but nooooooooo. ...

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    Alpha Sapphire
  2. Wow

    ...It's wayyyyy too quiet here.
  3. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part I

    First, you can find my Alpha Sapphire blog here on tumblr. but just for those who don't feel like going on tumblr to check it out, I'll post them here, too!

    Please take into consideration that SPOILERS DO ENTAIL. DON'T say I didn't warn you!

    Littleroot and Oldale Town
    First I just want to say how much I love the intro. Makes it seem like it’s the old intro but truthfully it’s way different. Oh, and THE MUSIC!!! The revamped tracks here TOTALLY are doing ...

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    Alpha Sapphire
  4. Couldn't sleep, but not for the reasons you guys may think

    Before I go on, I want to point out one thing: I'm setting up a tumblr sideblog that'll go over all my epic adventures in Alpha Sapphire, and I may bring it here, too. I guess We'll have to see how it goes!

    Secondly, you will not believe what happened last night.

    No, I couldn't sleep, but...not...actually because of ORAS hype....

    I caught a 24-hour stomach flu last night, presumably from work.
    It's either that or food poisoning from Subway, but ...
  5. Wondering if I can find some more Artists to learn from~

    Herro! I was wondering if there were any artists out there who would offer to teach me how they do they're art? Recently, I've been running out of ideas to draw, write, ect. I really wanna learn from some people with experiance! If you could teach me, for example, making a turorial, that would be great! If you can't, I'd gladly add you on Google+ or any other screensharing site~ Again, thankyou for your time, and please consider this! ^///^ <3


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    Seriously, it's getting harder and harder to contain my excitement BY THE MINUTE. I am seriously going to have to dose up on my sleeping pills tonight, otherwise there's no way I'll ever fall asleep.



    I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PUMPED FOR A POKEMON GAME. Not even XY, though I was really excited. LIke, really, I've been prepping myself and EVERYTHING. I HAVE ...
  7. A new fanfic on PXR

    Guys. Read this.

    This was written by Scytherwolf, who joined the forums recently. Some of you may already be familiar with her fanfiction but those who aren't are seriously missing out. I am here to recommend this fanfic to you people. So go check it out, the first chapter is up.

    Seriously. You won't regret it. It's epic.
  8. Braixen is Back

    Hello folks!

    Some of you may have realized I was very inactive for a while, some of you may not have. To make a long story short I was very busy with school, and two jobs, and also had some health concerns going on. Don't worry though, I am okay and I am back in action. I have some major projects at school to do and then my exams but I shall be using this as a study break and will continue my activity next semester as I won't be working both of my jobs (they are seasonal). If I happen ...
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  9. So... Much... Waiting...

    If anybody uses Windows Movie Maker, and has over 6 hours of footage that needs to be transfered to WMM from another source file... I feel your pain...

    This is crap... I'm slowly regretting being so cheap...
  10. N is for November

    N is for November. And also, NaNoWriMo. One last thing it could possibly stand for, well for me, is Neverwinter.

    So I guess this is the first blog entry for the month of November. I don't have a favourite month per se, but November cuts it close. It's when the school year wraps up and I get less-than-ideal exam grades (Pfft.) and for this year's November, my classmates and I decide for a motley crew of adventurers questing across the world of Neverwinter Nights~ So I normally go for ...
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