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    That's the thing, I used to take PPIs and I felt worse on them. :/ In the end they were working, so maybe it was side effects I was getting? I could try it again I suppose. Just all range of antacids don't really seem to do anything for me.

    I've been sleeping propped up for a long time now, also tried the bland diet as well as sleeping on my left side. Nothing makes a difference. That's why sometimes it makes me think it's not even reflux, as nothing seems to work.
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    they’re kinda similar. bile reflux happens b/c i don’t have a gb anymore to store it. acid reflux is just stomach acid i believe. have you ever asked for a ppi? while it doesn’t make acid reflux go away it definitely made mine a lot more tolerable.

    if you’re still have problems i suggest bland bland bland foods. like cut out everything from your diet and start from scratch. and propping yourself up during sleep. i also learned a fun trick. don’t sleep on your right side if you don’t want acid reflux. for some reason it makes it worse. i don’t know if any of these tips will help you, but maybe it can help someone on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roo
    unfortunately bile reflux is just a normal part of recovery because my body doesn't know where to store excess bile. if i have an empty stomach or if i eat something that my body says no to it makes it act up so i have to be very careful.
    Interesting, cause I feel that mine actually gets worse on an empty stomach too. Is bile reflux similar to acid reflux? I'm not even sure which one if I have, if either. Though since antacids make mine worse I'm leaning towards the latter. I'd like to find a way to fix my raw throat sooner rather than later, though.

    Hope it gets better soon.
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    That's just awful, roo. I'm sorry to hear things still haven't been all that great even after your surgery and diagnosis. I've had surgery before myself and recover is NOT fun at all. Even today I still have pains from the surgical scars. It's not as painful as it once was, but occasionally it gets painful enough it makes me worry my lung is trying to collapse again.

    One spot isn't healing at all? Did they give any instructions on what to take and what medication not to take? Sometimes certain medicine can prevent them from healing like they're supposed to. I swear though, you issue sounds exactly like how Gemma's is. It incredible how something like this can be so hard to find for doctors. Even more so just how hard it fights the body to stay hidden and not heal up.

    Hoping the best for you and your recovery! I know it's tough, but stay strong! We're all here for you if you need to talk! :)
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    unfortunately bile reflux is just a normal part of recovery because my body doesn't know where to store excess bile. if i have an empty stomach or if i eat something that my body says no to it makes it act up so i have to be very careful.
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    That sounds like an awful recovery. :/ No surgery is easy, but that just makes it a lot more taxing on you. Sounds similar to me not being able to eat. I, myself, woke up this morning with the usual burning stomach and indigestion - my fault for the last one, I ate a bit too late. I'll go for a walk after and hope it helps. Still not as bad as the indigestion I get from the reflux medication.

    I've also heard there's almost nil you can do for bile reflux, even antacids don't work for that. Did you mention the bile reflux to them? Is it a side effect or will it get better with time once you heal? I hope that incision gets better for you too, pain sucks. And at least you know what was wrong now. Stupid doctors for not believing you in the first place, they can be real idiots a lot of the time. Hoping it all works out. <3
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    Thanks for all the support. As it stands, two of my mom’s brothers are trying to help out as best they can, but they are both out of state, with one only an hour and a half away and the other half the country away. I also may be able to work at Wal-Mart and work at the one in the college town while technically employed in my hometown. Those are the things I see going right at the moment.
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    Seems like there are a lot of people sending you hope, but if you're all in serious danger of being homeless and need some short term help, hit me up. Being homeless is a scary thing. I will do my best to help.
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    @Speed-X Well that's good! I probably should follow suit, but still haven't had any luck at aaaaaallllllllll sadly. I try to stay hopeful and someone that's here for others, but not everyone cares for that. To know yourself that everything has gotten better and KNOW it's made you better as a person. Well, I'd say that's a large step up the ladder. And I'm glad to hear it's all looking like it's working out for you! :D
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    That is truly awful, Awa. I'm so sorry to hear all of this is happening so close together. No one deserves to be put through so much hurt. Struggles are real in every day society. I just wish we didn't have to suffer through them.

    It may sound stupidly cliche, but hold onto hope. It may seem tough, but when you need it most. Family and friends will always be here for you. Cherish them and everything and everyone you treasure most. Keep those memories forever in your heart and never let go. Sometimes things work out for the better, so hold onto the hope that everything will alright. If ever you need someone to talk to. Even if it's to vent. We are here for you, Awa. Stay strong!
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    I'm so sorry your grandpa isn't doing well and you also have to worry about financial issues. It must be so stressful. I hope things improve soon!
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    @Speed-X Haha well thank you. Going to college and getting out of my house even for a little bit has helped me lots, I know that much.
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    This is awful. I really hope things improve for you in some way. Stay strong.
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    Holy crap, dude, that's way too much for anyone to deal with all at once.

    You've got to stay strong and persevere. You know the rest of your family wouldn't want you to give up either. Stay close to them, help them, protect them, and comfort them every step of the way. <3
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    AWA that sounds really, really awful. D: I'm so sorry to hear that it's happening. That's really, really hard. I hope things do fall into place for you. Until then, we're here to listen. <3
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    @Suicune's Fire: Yeah, it really is. I've been through so much crap and it feels like things are finally looking up. Honestly, there's no better feeling. All the turmoil was worth it for all the lessons I learned from it. c:

    @Noblejanobii: Lol funny, I've been seeing your posts on Facebook myself. You look like you've been having fun! It makes me happy to see how much you've grown as a person. I remember when you first came here you had kinda a low self-esteem and were really shy. Now you're confident and all "out there" and I just love that! Just thought I'd let you know that lol

    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah: Rollercoaster indeed! I think it was worth it though. I just have to keep making improvements to myself and to my life and stop stagnating. Thank you, honestly I'm so lucky hahahah

    @Neo Emolga: Omg. Stop it you. Lol cool and chill, that's funny, I'm pretty insane nowadays. My boyfriend brought out my crazy side. Oh wait...well actually to you guys, I've always been crazy and off the walls. xD Sorta. I guess I've been more apt to show that side of myself to everyone else and it feels really good. I've been trying to be true to my personality lately and I'm a lot more happy as a result. I dunno how long I'll be here but I figured I'd stick around so I can keep in touch with you guys and whatnot.

    @Chakramaster: Thank you! I hope so too. ; v ; And yeah that's true, but honestly in retrospect I'm thankful because I'm a much better, wiser, more emotionally mature person as a result.
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    Hey, I can't find the right words to express how badly I feel all this is happening to you, but I do hope things get better for you soon. Sick / terminal family members and friends are never easy. Things will get better as long as you keep your head up, keep trying to make the most out of your life experiences and learn as much as you can from all the rough patches in your life. It worked for me, so I can only hope it will work for you. <3
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    it’s almost been a week since i had my surgery. leave it to me to have weird complications after??? my tummy is still not doing great but at least the heart burn seems to be gone. of course the day i go back to school i start running a fever and i went to the er because that’s usually a sign of infection but they just told me that because i didn’t get antibiotics during my surgery that sometimes the body just starts having a fever because it’s part of the healing process. one of my incisions also opened up and i had to get that fixed u_u

    but today i was able to eat real food and got to walk around a lot outside. just super bruised now but feeling loads better.
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    Been missing seeing you here on PXR, Speed! Glad to see ya return! Hopefully you can have the time to stick around a bit longer! Missed seeing your awesome sprite work and having your awesome personality here!

    It's awesome to hear your situation has gotten far better and glad to hear it! No one deserves to have so much stress weighing down on them. So enjoy all the good times and enjoy the little things in life that make you happy!
  20. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    SHE LIVES!!!

    Wow... holy crap you've been through a lot. My goodness, we've missed you, your cool and chill personally, and of course your amazing sprites! But it's great to see you again and I hope you can stick around now! :D

    Also, wow, you look really HOT! And you have such an awesome smile. :3
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