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  1. The Journy Within Us All Part I (A MuffinLad Expierience)

    I haven't really written a blog before on a forum, on a consistent basis.
    So here is hoping of a good start, of many things to come?

    I usually do studies on Tuesdays. (Photography, Film and Literacy and Numeracy Course)
    Goes from 9am to 1pm. I love the students and the teacher.

    Wednesday I have a case worker come over for home duties and cooking lessons.
    Thursday I have another case worker for relationship and friendship advice.

    Weekends I ...
  2. Moonlight Silver episode 95 delayed

    I'm delaying today's episode to allow one of the locations Moonlight Silver is posted on to come back up, so every location it is posted at can all receive the latest episode together.
  3. Moonlight Silver episode 94--The Afterpost

    This week, Ash and the gang reunite with Morty, where they first have to deal with a Team Rocket heist gone horribly wrong, but a passionate researcher named Eusine complicates matters when he attempts to catch Suicune!

    The major change I made to this episode was to give the Beasts a little more of a role--so this way, Raikou and Entei get an appearance in the remixed show outside of a special and movie 3. The Beasts and Ho'oh are also seen to know the Swanna Song, as all Legendaries ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  4. Moonlight Silver episode 93--The Afterpost

    This week, the group reunites with the Kimono Girls, where they find out that Sakura's Eevee Satomi has become an Espeon!

    The big change for this episode (in addition to including Kimono Girls for the post Gen 2 Eeveelutions), was creating an actual dance teacher that the Kimono Girls were planning to see, this way, I could have them walking into a Team Rocket trap be a little more believable than just falling for a Team Rocket disguise.

    Since the Whirl Cup was cut from ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  5. Moonlight Silver episode 92--The Afterpost

    This week, Ash finally gets his long awaited matchup with Jasmine, and wins his sixth badge.

    The big change for this episode was cutting out Team Rocket--as a general rule of thumb, in the remix the evil team does not typically miss up competitions, unless the original was too funny to rewrite or cut, or it is important that the evil team mess up everything. That, and we have the final battle with Team Rocket coming up soon, so there will be plenty of times to see them coming up. ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  6. Moonlight Silver episode 91--The Afterpost

    This week, Ash and the gang thwart the Rockets' plans and save Asimona and Agrios!

    The biggest change in the episode was cutting out a few minor scenes with Jessie and James to tighten the episode and make things flow better. The only time I felt we needed to see what they see is when Butch and Cassidy confront them. I did include some extra explanation to help the other scenes flow and explain what happened offscreen due to the cut scenes.

    I noticed that Dr. Namba ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  7. Moonlight Silver three times a week?

    Would you guys want to see Moonlight Silver updated three times a week, or is two times a week fine?

    I ask this because I lost a week due to my hard drive dying, and at my current pace, I would finish Moonlight Silver and start Shine Diamond the final week of December, just barely in time for D/P's 10th anniversary.

    If I were to add Monday as a third update day, I would finish Moonlight Silver and start Shine Diamond in November.

    What do you think?
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  8. Moonlight Silver episode 90b--The Afterpost

    This week, Ash and the gang try to rescue Agrios, but the rescue goes horribly wrong when they run into Butch and Cassidy!

    Since Ritchie doesn't yet have scuba training in the remix, I had to create a roundabout way for him to get to Ash and the others on the boat in time for him to help Ash burn the boosting machine, so his being a chaser to Ash and the others worked very well

    The boosting machine allowed me to work in a way one might artificially induce Pokemon to ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  9. Moonlight Silver episode 90a--The Afterpost

    This week, our heroes mount a desperate rescue mission to rescue Agrios, but first they have to calm Asimona!

    This was a great spot for more Swanna Song lore--not only can Legendaries use it to cause fury or miracles, humans that can use it can also communicate with Legendaries--this is how Ash manages to convey his desires to Asimona with it.

    Brock speaks to Asimona in Gaelic because the language Legendary Pokemon speak to each other in my imagined Pokeworld sounds ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  10. I'm giving PXR another shot

    I left PXR a few months ago. There were just too many things stressing me out, and I could not handle them all at the time. But the problem with that was I missed people.

    So, after a few months of space I guess I'll give this place another chance.

    Also sorry about not telling anyone about my absence during PXFIRE. I skyped Neo about it, but he didn't get it until a month later. XD
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