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  1. Guess who's going to AMERICA NEXT YEAR


    My bro and his partner are going to San Fran next year in April, and in a loljokes kind of way I was like "omg I should come" and they were like "Okay!" and I was like "REALLY?!" and they were like "YES!"

    This weekend Qantas (reliable Australian airline) have a sale on tickets to certain cities in America SO I GET A GOOD DEAL AS WELL! So yeah I'll primarily be in San Fran, but I reeeeally wanna go to LA so maybe ...
  2. We got a PUPPY!

    Okay, we actually got her a little over a week ago, but I hadn't had time to post this before. xD

    Meet Kona!

    She is already super sweet and loves everybody. I've already taught her to sit but so far that's the only thing she really knows. xD Jack and Sophie are scared of her but Huckleberry is curious ...
  3. And the grand prize winner...

  4. My Etsy shop is up!!

    Hi guys! Really hope this isn't against the rules but if it is feel free to take it down. :/

    After having a fairly terrible summer i've finally gone and done something i'm really excited about. I've set up my Etsy shop and it's all up and running now. I've currently got 14 listings up, the majority from the Smaugust challenge I did over august. Some are still yet to go up. I'm really excited for this to work and for me to start to build it up and work on it. I've had it up for a few ...
  5. GIVEAWAY on Twitter! (is an ad tbh)

    (sarah did say on discord it's okay to do a one-off ad anyways ily sarah)

    If you or your loved one is in need and/or want of a $15 Amazon gift card, then you MAY be in luck!

    My other community, Otaku Plaza (fun fact: OP and PXR are co-affiliates!), is holding a giveaway on Twitter! All you have to do is to follow the account, RT the Event Tweet (which is pinned, so you can see it first!), and pray to get all the luck to win!

    The Tweet (that you have to RT) is linked here! ...
  6. Goodbye Oakie.

    Hi all.
    So, haven't spoken about my lizard for a while and this will be the last time I do so.
    Some of you may remember Oakie from a while ago when I used to have two lizards. If not, here's the little beauty.

    Oakie had so many things wrong with him, from broken bones to blind in one eye but he kept on going and always was active, fast and had ...
  7. I Choose You

    Ironic title, because i cant choose a name. My mind is too busy.

    Do it for me, fam
  8. Creative block.

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I bet every artist knows exactly that moment when you just have no idea for anything, and when you find an idea you just can't get it to go right or get it down on the paper.
    I've been taking a break from a lot of stuff for the last two weeks or so to try and have a fresh start and get myself out of this creative block but I just can't seem to. It can't have come at a worse time too.

    I'm planning on setting up my Etsy shop this month and i've got ...
  9. I finally did it!

    I have finally finished my 807 full living pokedex on Ultra Sun! Holy jeez playing through just so I could get the ultra beasts was a damn pain.
  10. First successful shiny hunt!

    Two days ago, I finally succeeded in my first shiny hunt in SoulSilver:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JPEG_20180724_152808.jpg 
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Size:	103.6 KB 
ID:	1765

    He's named Porcaro after Jeff Porcaro, the great drummer from the band Toto.

    Here's a video of me finding it: (some profanity due to excitement, cover your ears!)
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