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  1. Thank You! And Shiny Kyogre giveaway

    Hey, just wanted to officially mark the end of my ORAS blog on PXR! Thanks to everyone for reading it! I'll most likely post small updates on my tumblr account, though, so check it out:

    I'm also having a Shiny Kyogre giveaway! Its detailed there
  2. [DELTA EPISODE] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part VIII

    The Delta Episode
    The Delta Episode. Oh boy, I was in for a REAL surprise. First of all, I was basically forced into this endgame story, but…I really didn’t mind. I needed a little bit of initiative.

    When I got to Granite Cave, Zinnia startled me when she said: “You’re too darned cute,” because when I first read that I read the “darned” as “damned” and my heart skipped a beat. For a sec, I was like, WHOA HOLY ****

    And then when you meet Steven outside of the ...
    Alpha Sapphire
  3. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part VII

    The Pokemon League
    So after a lot of contemplating and such, finally decided to take on the E4. First of all, can I just say how much I love the design of the Hoenn Pokemon League in general? It has gotten a COMPLETE overhaul. It now looks less modern and more like traditional Japanese architecture. I can’t exactly pinpoint what the type of structure it’s based off of is, and I don’t want to look like a fool by making an inaccurate, uneducated guess.

    I’ll post pictures of this ...
    Alpha Sapphire
  4. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part VI

    Sootopolis and Ever Grande City
    Hey all, looks like I have a couple days’ worth of updating to do.

    Please be wary: this is all endgame and post-endgame stuff, so there will be A LOT OF MAJOR SPOILERS. A LOT OF MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

    So on Thursday, during work, I made it to Kyogre and oh my god that whole part of the story was just ASLJKFADFDLFJDK. Seriously, I was so involved in the story in the original games. I never thought that I could possibly get any more involved, ...
    Alpha Sapphire
  5. Sylveon Versus the World

    We begin our journey in the Battle Maison, located at the Battle Resort in the Hoenn region. After forty-five long, staggering battles, we've come to our forty-sixth. The forty-third and forty-fourth battles were against veteran trainers, both having legendary Pokemon. I smashed through them 3-0 and 4-0 respectively. Cocky from these wins, I had assured myself a match against the Battle Chatelaine, Evelyn, the doubles chatelaine.

    I couldn't be more wrong.

    The veteran ...
  6. Bulbasaur rants (Life)

    I like ranting. So this will be my new thing for fun.

    And my first topic is life, as requested by Ghostwriter. Quite a broad topic. Technically he requested my life, but I can't even remember what I did last weekend, so I'm just going to rant about life.

    The first two things that came to mind about what life is about are love, and to eat or be eaten. Funny how different those things are. Or are they? *insert inappropriate joke* I guess that's what makes life special; ...
  7. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part V

    I might either update this post later, or make a new one later.

    Mossdeep City
    Guys, there has been like so much going on today that I couldn’t simply just wait ‘til later to post.

    Firstly, earlier today I beat Tate and Liza, easy-peasy. OHKO’d them (Solrock and Lunatone) with a Leaf Blade from Sceptile and a Meteor Mash from Metagross. I swear, a couple of the Gym Trainer battles took me longer to complete!

    Been berry farming and secret base hunting ...

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    Alpha Sapphire
  8. Sivelos versus the Most Stubborn Suicune in Existence

    So, you guys all know how you can encounter legendaries whilst Soaring through the Sky in ΩR and aS, right? Well, one of those legendary groups happens to be the classic Legendary Quadrupeds of Johto (are they cats… or dogs? God, I don't know…). I recently captured Raikou (I named him Thor Jr.), and then went on to Suicune (they're in no particular order, by the way.). And man, was I in for a fight…

    So, the battle started out fine enough. I lowered his HP down, and got him to ...
  9. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part IV

    Lilycove City
    Not much has really happened tonight, guys. I’ve just been at work and at school.

    There are some things I do want to give mention to, though!

    A little while back ago, I saw a screenshot of a route in ORAS with puddles. At night. Needless to say, the post was going on about how beautiful the puddles were, because all the stars were reflected in them.

    Lemme tell you guys: anyone that goes on Route 120, you’re in for a nice surprise ...

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    Alpha Sapphire
  10. [SPOILERS AHOY] Alpha Sapphire blog, Part III

    Fortree City
    Okay, guys! So between last night after my post and today, some interesting things have happened.

    Just as a reminder, I’m obviously not going over every little bit of the game in this blog. I just am using this to post my thoughts on things that stand out most to me, basically. So therefore there is a risk of spoilery material, but not intentionally. per se

    With that being said, on to today’s journal entry!

    First of all, Route ...

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    Alpha Sapphire
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