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  1. Why the "Fairy" type is further proof of ineptitude.

    To preface the following sentiments about the creation of this new type of Pokemon, I must quickly say that the idea of "fairy" Pokemon has absolutely no baring on my decision. If I was afraid of idolizing Pokemon that would give me the appearance of being "effeminate", Teddiursa would definitely not be my favorite. So, when reading my opinions please note that the appearance of said Pokemon and the concept of the type does not, in the least, bother me.

    What bothers

    Updated 06-21-2013 at 08:50 AM by Teddiursa of the Sky

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  2. Unofficial Official Announcement: PXR Communitylocke!

    Howdy, forum goers!

    This is just my unofficial official announcement of PXR's first annual Communitylocke!

    What is a communitylocke?

    For those of you who don't know, it's a community-based competition revolving around the Nuzlocke stye of play. You will earn points based on your in-game accomplishments, and compete against other forum members to see who can collect the most points!

    While planning for this event is still in its infant ...
  3. I've still got it.

    If anyone remembers gen 4 when a little item known as the Poke Radar came out to forever taunt us OCD collectors with catching them all.

    Well another thing it did, was a little something called 'Chaining'. Getting a chain meant hitting the right shaking patches and having the same Pokemon appear over and over again in a row. You even had a Poketch app to keep track of your top three chain records. My current top record is 106 Shinx.

    Realizing that record, after years ...
  4. Wh-Which One Do I Pick?!

    Gen VI Pokemon...some of the best Pokemon I have ever seen, honestly! I'm so excited for this generation! It's already my favorite, and I haven't even played it yet!

    The trouble is...there are so many good Pokemon here...I can't pick one for an avatar. D: Talonflame, Sylveon, Fennekin, Flabebe, Helioptile, Fletchling... ;__;

    I found some cool Talonflame art (honestly, Talonflame is a bad name, but the Pokemon is sooooo cool) on dA and I'm using it for an avvie. Fennekin, ...
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  5. Someone sure has a lot of fun on thier job.


    Mr. Aonuma, what are you doing? xD

    Oh, you.
  6. Fairy Types! Woo!

    Sylveon is officially a Dragon Slayer!

    Okay okay, I know, everyone and their mother hates Fairy types (but apparently not enough to put the game down...huh). There is rhyme and reason to the Fairy type! Game Freak wanted something to combat Dragon Types. They even KNEW that people didn't want Dragon Types combated in any way, but they felt it would be best for younger players that Dragon Types not be overpowered.

    I agree with their choice. They came up with the Fairy ...
  7. Why Faeries are not from Fairy Tales

    Ok, so there's a bunch of backlash about X & Y getting the Fairy type incorporated into it. The general thing seems to be that Fairies are perceived as Disney pixies who spread around magic dust and are 30 cm high, and therefore the Fairy will be weak and froo froo.

    As someone whose hobby is mythography, this positively astounds me.

    "But Socratic," you may argue,"What about Tinkerbell and the Fairy Godmother? What of the fairies who helped Princess ...
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  8. Prepare yourself!

    Guys, don't be babies. It's no big deal. Personally, I'm glad to see dragon-types FINALLY get a weakness, and Poison-types to FINALLY gain more advantages. You can go ahead and whine about how lame it is, but you're missing the fun of getting a whole new type! This is opening up whole new avenues of strategies and fun. It's been a while since new types have been added, but can't you remember how fun it was to figure ...

    Until they decide that I did terribly and have to re-sit some... ._.

    Well, I'm back, and I hope to be a bit more active around here! No more time will be spent on studying, so I'm in the safe :D

    Any recent news on me? Um... It's been a week since the 100 milestone and I've almost got 130 - people really seem to like watching me do nipple push ups xD

    Anyway, I'm hoping to help out the activity of the site! Because I'm cool like that... yeah...
  10. Judge Dredd and Gotta Catch Em' All in PXR...Really Really Long Blog

    Since the formation of the this forum, I have been getting asked two questions over and over. When am I going to join PXR and when will I be moving GCEA from PE2K to PXR? For those of you unfamiliar with me. I was Judge Dredd on PE2K. Since 2008 I had devoted myself to doing whatever I could to helping PE2K. With the help of many legendary battlers I worked my way into a mod position in the battling center. I cherished the job and worked hard for the poor battling center. A couple of months later ...
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