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  1. Let me compose music for your project!

    I'm looking into doing some freelance digital music composition! I'm looking to build up my portfolio before I start charging, so if you have a video game or some other project that needs digital music, please send me a message!

    Here's my portfolio so far:

    I feel that I can write for a lot of different styles, so just tell me what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do. :]
  2. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

    Hi guys,
    So by the title of this you already know what this blog is about.
    For context for others who might not have seen my posts about it, I went for a job interview for a graphic design position just over a week ago, and they told me that they were hoping for more experience, however, my portfolio was amazing so they gave me a chance. Within 45 minutes of being out of the interview, they asked me back for a second stage interview where I had to do some design work for them so they ...
  3. Preparing for jet lag

    Hello everybody! As you already know, I'm going to Melbourne soon and I really look forward to this trip. :D
    However, I don't look forward to the jet lag. So, I'm going to start shifting my sleep schedule a few days before my trip in order to reduce the jet lag.
    I thought I could write a blog entry about this, so you won't be surprised if you see that I'm online on PXR at unusual times. :)

    Here is when I plan to sleep (in Brussels time) once I start shifting my sleep ...