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  1. I rate all active normal members.

    Green: x / 10
    Everyone else: ( x + 1 ) / 10
  2. I rate all staff members.

    [ Senior Administrators ]
    HKim: Supreme Leader / 10
    Neo Emolga: What's the next promotion? / 10
    Pokemon Trainer Sarah: Has her own holiday / 10
    ray_quazaa: Where's Waldo? / 10
    Suicune's Fire: My enabler / 10

    [ Senior Moderators ]
    Caite-chan: Big blue butt / 10
    Chakramaster: Refuses to evolve / 10
    Noblejanobii: Threatened me for a / 10

    [ Moderators ]
    Arrow-Jolteon: Daily one point / 10
    Blaquaza: Waldo ...
  3. a blog about nothing

  4. I have a special message for you all.

    7egggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    mnq2m2.. n44444444444kt

    m kijouuuuuu

    l'56 9
    That's not from me--it's from my rat. I don't speak rat, so I have no idea what he meant. But I think he said hi.
    Creative Works , Misc.
  5. review of the floor

    hi i'm gonna review the floor for you guys

    it's pretty nice, it stops me from falling into lava inside Earth

    you can sit, stand, or jump on it

    but it has earthquakes sometimes

    i'd invest in one if you don't have one

  6. I'm back... Again!

    So, i've unintentionally been gone for a while. I want to stop doing this haha.
    So, quite a bit has happened since i've been active on here, I finally got my operation done for my tumour on my shoulder. The lump ended up being the size of a grapefruit. It was so big. I bet I lost a pound in weight just by that operation haha. I had it done 2 months ago and still healing. Me being naive about how big of an op it was, i managed to rip my stitches a bit so the healing process has taken longer ...
  7. Diabeetus!

    I mentioned in my last blog about my recent Diagnosis of Type-2 Diabetes. This is basically me telling my story about it in greater detail. Because I know you love reading about me. That's why you're here isn't it? Or are you here to simply glance at the latest mundane writing endeavor that I've concocted, while pressing down on the six dollar words to complicate your capacity to comprehend? Either way, I love you. Stick around, you might learn you a thing.

    I was actually diagnosed
  8. Temporarily Untitled Rubbish

    ]Holy crap. My life has been a flip-flop mess of lord-knows-what for way too long, lately. I'm serious, like, my life has been a weird roller coaster over the past year. 2017 was a gosh darn whirlwind. But! At least this year, the world isn't blaming a four digit number for celebrity deaths. So that's a plus.

    I've been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. One that I guess can actually go away if I take care of myself? Neat! It's called Type-2 Diabetes. Doctors said, 'Take ur medz
  9. Film Review: Character Development, Smiling Existentialism, and Pleasantville

    This past weekend I had the immense pleasure of rewatching a seminal piece of cinema, Gary Ross's Pleasantville. While I rather enjoyed the film the first time I saw it, about eighteen months ago, upon this viewing, I was struck by powerful emotional and intellectual revelations, to the point where I would say that Pleasantville may be one of my greatest films of all time, joining such noted luminaries as It's a Wonderful Life, Elizabethtown, and RoboCop. Allow me to tell you some of the reasons ...
  10. since i have two tasks left i might as well do this blog

    an accurate representation of last week and also this week:


    *replace today with last and this week

    so here's an update, strikethrough'd text meaning im done:

    1. some literary intertext (we plan on doing a modern twist of A Modest Proposal)

    so our twist involved turning drug-dependent ...
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