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  1. I'm going to Melbourne soon! :D

    Hello everybody! Today (March 24), my father visited me in Ghent... and we planned my trip to Melbourne! :)

    My plane tickets have been booked. I will leave Brussels on July 16, arrive in Melbourne on July 17, leave Melbourne on August 1 and be back in Brussels on August 2.
    As a result, I won't be in Belgium on July 21 (which is Belgian National Day) : this is a good thing for me because I'm afraid of fireworks. I will also be in Melbourne for Gemma's birthday.
    The ...
  2. Following my dream

    My dream is to be in a band; a band that records albums, goes touring, and all that good stuff that comes with getting your name out there.

    Recently, I think I've made good progress towards this dream. Last August, I left my band I had been with for almost two years. It was a hard choice, because I really connected with the guys and they were becoming almost family to me. The problem was that they were younger; the next oldest two were just starting college, and I was starting my ...