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  1. A Best Man speech for my brother!

    So my brother is getting married this Friday the 21st and since I'm the Best Man, I have to prepare a speech. The good news is that as I discovered, the Best Man is expected to have fun with it. In fact it's lame if you don't!

    I have a sweet rough draft ready, but I'm always on the lookout for recommendations. Let me know what you think. XD


    Ladies and gentlemen, to you and any "service" animals you may have brought along, this speech may ...
  2. Bleh

    So I had to break up with my girlfriend last week and it's made my depression a bit worse. She was controlling and possessive, pouting when I wouldn't devote 110% of my attention to her. She would constantly guilt trip me to get her way, and there wasn't any foundation for the relationship. It got physical way too fast.

    Point is, I've been in a funk and haven't had the drive to be as active here lately. Which is odd, you'd think getting out of something bad would make me happy, right? ...
  3. Yo, I have cookies.

    Well, more like one cookie. Fight for it.

    ANYWAY, hello, all. I'm back. I know a lot of you have wondered where I've been. It's simple: dead. (Not really. But now anything I say can't sound as bad.)

    Mostly been caught up with other things. A lot of Final Fantasy XIV (which I'm sure two of you know /cough). Also moved to a new university and temporary home away from home. Been busy trying to do well with my studies and work past my absurdly overpowering lack of motivation ...
  4. ~ Learn to fight alone ~

    I'm not one to actually rant out or actually share too much of my real life stuff to anyone other than a very handful few, and I saw these blog entries as my gateway of some sort xD

    Ever since I remember, I have been independant. I was never close with my family (or so called blood) ever since my mother passed away when I was like 11 years old. It was very difficult for me, as back then, as much as a kid I was, I didn't really know or feel that much of a pain of losing a loved one.
  5. Minty Died.

    She's been sick the past few days. I could tell. Weak, quiet, sleeping a lot, diarrhoea.

    This morning, Mum went to get her up and she was lying on the cage floor. So...she died overnight.

    I suspected this was going to happen soon, though it doesn't make anything any easier. It was still a shock. I'm probably going to go through seven tissue boxes today. I don't deal with loss well. Who does?

    RIP, Minty. I love you so much. I can't believe you flew ...
  6. Venting frustrations

    First of all I'm going to apologize for the blatant attention whoring I'm about to do, but I am really freaking peeved right now and I currently have no other means of catharsis...

    I am sick and tired of this stupid love-hate dynamic I have with my mother. She can be extremely nice and sweet in the best of times, but other times she says and does extremely nasty things to me that have come seriously close to emotional abuse. And even when she's in the best mood I legitimately cannot ...
  7. Missing... [Update: FOUND!]

    UPDATE: MINTY HAS BEEN LOCATED! A nearby vet gave us a call this morning (18th October) after someone had handed her in after finding her at a train station (which was the next stop away from the station near close and yet so far). I'm so happy, relieved and thankful to have her back. <3 She's very happy to be back and I can tell that she's going to need a few days to settle down, but that's okay. She was so happy to climb into her nighttime cage this evening and go to bed. After spending ...

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  8. Reuniting After Six Years

    A long time ago, before I joined the sanctuary known as the world wide web, I had a group of four kids that lived next door to me that were the siblings I never had. I always hung out with them, and for as long as I can remember they are the closest thing to a family that I have had. Sadly, about six years ago their parents' job took them away to China. The trip was supposed to last only three years, but then got extended to five, and eventually ended this past June at six. They've been back in ...
  9. I'm back!!

    So, if any of you have noticed, over maybe the last month and a half or so, I have been pretty much inactive and that is due to me going through my A-Level exams. So much has happened over the last month or two, some great, some terrible, so yeah. I'll go over a few things. Mainly to explain my absence and also because one of the things that has happened is related to a little someone I have talked about in a few previous blogs.

    So, the last two months has been an emotional roller ...