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  1. My Semester in Spain

    Shoutout to Neo and Cleobel for reminding me to do this.

    So I've been in Spain for roughly five weeks now. It's been a really interesting experience thus far. I'm staying with a host family that has two daughters (who are fourteen and thirteen) and have another girl who we'll called Britney as my roommate. Other than Britney, none of the family speaks English. The two daughters speak some English, and I think they know more than they're letting on, but that's probably for the best ...
  2. Update about my semester in Ghent

    Hello everybody! My semester in Ghent started almost two weeks ago with the Welcome Week. During that week, the staff members in charge of the incoming students were very nice to me.
    Moreover, I visited two buildings of the college. One of them is very modern, but huge and confusing. The other one is smaller and less modern, but still very acceptable. Fortunately, all my classes take place in the smaller building. My weekly schedule is also awesome. :D
    In the cafeteria of the smaller ...
  3. When Hell freezes over!

    And it has

    This just gave me a good chuckle. Time to cash in on all those supermodel dates y'all.
  4. It's been ten years...

    (If it's possible, you should listen to this music while reading this blog entry.)

    Hello everybody! Today (January 12, 2019), it's been ten years since I started playing Pokemon.
    My very first Pokemon game is the Pearl version and I started my first adventure with Turtwig on January 12, 2009. At that time, I was nearly 10 years old. I was supposed to receive Pokemon Pearl for my 10th birthday (on February 26, 2009), but I was so impatient that I started playing it several ...
  5. A Crossroads

    I have come to the point, like every other time that has come before this, where i am at a crossroads in life. This intro may sound familiar, that is because i stole my own intro from a other blog of mine.

    But here I am, thinking I want to be active and vibrant when my bod doesn't allow me the opportunity to do so. It would rather be lazy and forget the world than give me an inch ...
  6. I really love

    the person that's reading this. <3
  7. Guess who's going to GHENT NEXT YEAR

    It's me! :D

    Hello everybody! As you may already know, I am currently a third year student in accounting. My college is located in Brussels (Belgium) and each of my parents has a house near Brussels.
    In my college, during the second part (February-June) of the third year, there are two possibilities : either doing an internship, a final project and a portfolio, or doing an academic exchange in a partner institution of the college.
    When I found out about these two possibilities, ...
  8. So...

    I think I might go for four more months of this season, but I'm still trying to find my first one with the other team. This will help reduce pressure on the horse and keep it moist. But I'm not sure whether to use the same book I'm reading or something else. What do you guys think I should do?

    Also, I've been watching the news conference on CNN today and now I want some cactus candy. Does anyone know how much money I need? I don't want to hear the whole story about how I said Albert ...
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  9. I have a new friend! :D

    Hello everybody! As mentioned in the title, I have a new friend, so I thought I could write a blog entry about her.
    Meet Mouchette! :)

    She is a golden retriever and she is 9 years old (born on September 20, 2009).
    Her previous owner passed away a few days ago and the family of her previous owner could not keep her, so they posted an online ad in order to rehome her. That's how my family found out about ...
  10. Hey from beyond the grave.

    Just kidding: nobody liked me enough to actually get me a grave.

    But hey, guys! I'm still alive, despite the unannounced break again.

    Since the last time I made a post about my life, which was quite a while ago, I thought I was getting stuff in order, but turns out I wasn't. Long story short and without the dull details, it's been an exhausting time. I shoulda already graduated from university, but I spent years without direction and not really doing what I wanted. ...

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