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  1. R.I.P. Willy

    Hello everybody, I am writing this blog entry because Willy, one of my family's dogs, died last night.

    Willy came from an animal shelter. My mother, my sister and I adopted him on October 31, 2016. He was already 10 years old at that time.
    During the last two years of his life, he was a very calm and sweet dog. He slept a lot and he also snored a lot. Sometimes, he even blocked the way like a Snorlax. He was a pleasure to be around and a great addition to the family. ...
  2. Where have I been?

    Some of you may know that I lost my job back in August. I did manage to find a new job in October but those two months took a toll on me and my belongings. I sold a lot of high value trading cards I had and my spriting computer. I had some spriting stuff saved on my other computer but I've been trying to recreate what was lost, which definitely isn't easy.

    I've also been dealing with a lot of gender related BS, and finally coming to terms with the fact that I'm in a better mood when ...
  3. Pokemon Yellow but it's a Randomized Nuzlocke

  4. May he rest in peace

    Hello everybody, I hope you had / are having a fun and happy Halloween.
    Halloween was not fun or happy for me this year because one of my former teachers passed away last night. He was my teacher last year, he was a very nice teacher and he was not stressful at all. I have some great memories of him and I am going to share these memories with you.

    He was my accounting criminal law teacher, and also my international accounting standards teacher. When he explained accounting ...
  5. Chess Tournament Fun

    I am going to write a lot of words because I am passionate about this stuff, but I'm aware not many people on here are as interested as I am, so scroll to the last spoiler for what happened.

    I'm the current president of the chess club at my college. I organized a trip to the Eastern Chess Congress the past two days, because it was literally two minutes from my house and fifteen minutes from school. There were actually seven other people interested, but five ended up going (the finance ...
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  6. I got invited to play Smash...

    ...but I don't have any experience with the game LMAO

    Anyways, over Facebook I shared a post on a "freedom wall" page about a Smash meetup in my uni. I do know stuff about Smash, I watch plays of Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt, and G&W on Youtube. I just don't have any console to play the game R I P

    I just shared the post because I wanted to rep my fave WFT (let's just say I love joke characters). And for some reason the person who anonymously posted that ...
  7. An important birthday

    So I turned 26. Yay another year passed getting through being an adult. It was an average day but for me, this birthday was very special.

    Twenty years ago, I received a purple little GameBoy Colour. I still have it, battery cover lost years ago but still functioning with a distinctive scratch no the screen. With that GameBoy Colour, I got my first ever experience proper with Pokemon. Pokemon Red. I still have it, though the original was replaced due to a... miscalculation with replacing ...
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  8. Pokemon Worlds 2018

    So as many of you know. I actually had the chance to go to the Pokemon World Tournament 2018 this year. I know it's been awhile since, but I just now gathered my photos together onto my computer. Not having ever been to one before. I really had my doubts about going and had certain expectations. Beyond those, my expectations...were far exceeded. I did not expect to have as much fun as I did and NOT be in the main tournament. I got to watch the main tournaments unfold and play in some of the ...
  9. Guess who's going to SPAIN NEXT YEAR

    It's Xanthe.

    Nah jk it's me. I just found out this past Tuesday my study abroad got approved so from January to like April or May of next year I'll be in Spain! Specifically Seville. I might try to travel around Europe some too, we'll see. But super excited!
  10. We got a PUPPY!

    Okay, we actually got her a little over a week ago, but I hadn't had time to post this before. xD

    Meet Kona!

    She is already super sweet and loves everybody. I've already taught her to sit but so far that's the only thing she really knows. xD Jack and Sophie are scared of her but Huckleberry is curious ...
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