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Moonlight Silver episode 96--The Afterpost

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This week, our heroes encounter the ghost-girl Lokoko and her Ninetales, which leads Ash and Misty to race to figure out the mansion's secret before Brock is trapped there forever!

The biggest change to this episode was replacing Team Rocket with Kamon, as this particular plot sounded like something he would do. Lokoko's master and the Ninetales also got names, in an attempt to give them more meaning to the plot.

I also tried to make it clearer to the audience Tenko had possessed Brock by having Tenko's spell put an aura around his eyes like he was hypnotized--Ash and Misty, of course would figure this out later. Brock's possession was also tweaked to match his remixed personality as a singer-storyteller.

The diary's final entry is dated 200 years to the day GSC originally came out in the USA--October 15 2000.

Next time, the final battle with the Rockets gets underway at the Lake of Rage--and Lance, Ethan, and Lyra pitch in to help!

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