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Moonlight Silver episode 98--The Afterpost

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This week, the battle at the Lake of Rage continues, complete with Lance revealed to know the Swanna Song.

Parts of this episode were dramatically rewritten to account for Ethan and Lyra being added in--rather than the group rushing Team Rocket in the prison, I thought it would be funnier for the Rockets to be asleep on the job, allowing Lyra time to bail our heroes out. The Rockets still get a chance to chase them, however.

From this point on, the Rockets' appearances will be dramatically reduced, just like they were when the story started, as a result of what happened in this episode.

Pryce is also foreshadowed, setting up our episode 100 storyline (with the battle for Ash's seventh badge proper being Episode 100) His Dewgong's name is a reference to Disney's "Frozen" (a variant spelling of Elsa).

I felt Lance catching the Gyarados was a little anticlimactic given what happens in this episode, so I had Ash risk using his Swanna Song again to defeat it once and for all to add a little drama.

Next time, the group seeks to find out why Pryce is so cynical, and reawaken his love for Pokemon.

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