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Moonlight Silver episode 103--The Afterpost

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This week, Kamon tries to crash an episode of "Oak's Pokemon Talk"--only for his charade to be unmasked!

This episode still retained its basic plot after I replaced Team Rocket with Kamon--The only major change I had to make was changing Kamon's challenge (and what Oak attempts to do at the beginning) from poetry to storytelling (to also set up for Brock earning his indigo Lore Stripe offscreen)

Instead of Kamon looking up the answers on a cheat sheet like Team Rocket did in the original, I decided to have Kamon Google the answers on his PokeNav (what a trainer of today would likely do). This of course made his attempts to keep up his ruse funnier and funnier, especially once paparazzi was thrown in.

To create Kamon's nonsense story, I used a random story generator with all the prompts set to random, so it would create something silly and nonsensical.

I also elaborated on Brock's storytelling background a little--if you're curious, Verde Power is the Pokeworld counterpart of Surge, Vault, or other high powered citrus soda.

Next time, Misty competes for her seventh Pokethlon medal, and her Marill Ami gets a chance to shine!

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