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The Roommate Situation

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SO those of you that have been watching the last poster wins have undoubtedly heard about this **** storm. But you've probably only heard bits and pieces of the full situation so here we go.

So this situation actually starts about two years ago. My ex-roommate, we'll call her Miss Yandere, was in the same major as one of my suitemates, Rainbow Sunshine. Miss Yandere was apparently a jerk to Rainbow Sunshine all year but she just took it as Miss Yandere being competitive. So she comes to Rainbow Sunshine around the time we need to register for housing and gives her this sob story that she had no one to room with and wanted to know if Rainbow Sunshine wanted to room with her. Rainbow Sunshine said she'd introduce Miss Yandere to her current roommate, Architecture Senpai, and eventually they agreed to be roomies.

Around this time Miss Yandere also reached out to me through the roommate system to see if I wanted to room with her. I met with her and initially she seemed nice enough so I said yes. However, my roommate at the time, Sleepy Piccolo, told me to be careful, that Miss Yandere was mean. I didn't listen but part of me wishes I had. So we leave for the summer and over the summer Architecture Senpai is forced to visit with Rainbow Sunshine by Miss Yandere. They spent a week with her and by the time they left, Rainbow Sunshine had to start taking anxiety meds.

So we get to school and at first I didn't notice anything but then as time went on I noticed how... abusive she was. She'd turn off the lights when I was studying, yell at me for being too noisy, throw stuff at me until I turned off my lights, etc. I just let it roll off my back and while it irritated me I was fine. She did threaten me with her mace and knives a couple times but I didn't think she was serious so I ignored her. So this went on for a while and then October rolls around. As some of you might remember, this is when the impeachment trial was. However around the same time I was also traveling a lot of Model UN and fencing. So for October and November, my side of the room was fairly messy. I was stressed so I didn't clean and then I didn't have time while I was traveling. I knew Miss Yandere didn't like it but I assured her I'd clean when I had the time and for the most part I did my best to keep clean. But that apparently wasn't enough.

So one day during November, Rainbow Sunshine comes up to me and asks if I'm okay. I tell her yes but that Miss Yandere has been a bit irritated with me lately which is kinda annoying. This conversation opened a can of worms I was not prepared for. Not only had Miss Yandere been complaining about me constantly, but she actually hated me, Rainbow Sunshine, and one of the guys next door, Leprechaun. Why you ask? Simple, she was obsessed with Architecture Senpai and we stole from Architecture Senpai's ability to focus all her attention on Miss Yandere.

See the reason her name is Miss Yandere is because she is by every definition a yandere. What's a yandere? It's a Japanese word that pretty much means a person so obsessed with someone else that they are willing to resort to violence to keep their attention. And this was proven throughout the semester through various events including threatening people with knives and even waving a knife in someone's face when they had irritated her. It was bad but we were so scared no one said anything.

So fast forward to this semester and the guys who live in the room next to us have occupancy changes. Leprechaun left for the Disney College program but his roommate, Base Booster, stayed behind and they got two new suitemates, we'll call them... Workout Junkie and Blind Follower. Now, Workout Junkie I actually only met officially just last night. He's lit and has a girlfriend so Miss Yandere wasn't too concerned with him. But Blind Follower was single, and Miss Yandere is desperate for the D, so he was the perfect prey. Now, all last semester, Miss Yandere had brought various guys into the room without asking me. There was incidents of me being mid-change, walking into the room and just some random dude being in there, me being asleep and a guy was in there, etc. And this is against the housing agreement we signed at the beginning of the year, but again, I just didn't let it bother me since most of the time I also knew the guys because they visited so frequently that I didn't mind them. But Blind Follower was new, and I didn't know him. Within two weeks, while we had seen each other five times, every single time was after ten at night, when I was in sweats or pajamas, and every single time Miss Yandere tried to pick a fight with me to make me look bad. I was having exactly none of it and just did my best to ignore her. It wasn't okay but I dealt with it.

And then came the straw that broke the camel's, or rather Architecture Senpai's, back. So, as some of you may recall, a friend of mine called Peaches and I are doing a soullinkfitlocke. So one night while on VC we were starting our game and Miss Yandere came in while I was doing my exercises. To make the long story short, she called me fat to my face without using the actual word. I managed to not start crying but I had to request with Peaches that we stop for the night. I explained to her the next day what had happened and Architecture Senpai overheard and asked me more. She was so mad she made the impulsive decision to tell the RA. So she reported it.

Next day, we get contacted by the RHA and have a meeting with our RA and explain everything. She calls the RA on call and the GCD on call who calls the Community Director for Frat and Sorority housing because of filing reasons. So we stayed up until 2 AM explaining everything that had happened and they scheduled us for a meeting with a different housing lady at 9 AM the next day. We meet with her and then are warned twenty minutes following the meeting that we are to collect a few things and stay away from the room until we get the all clear. So all three of us go into hiding until around 5 PM and then we get the notice, Miss Yandere has been moved out.

Blind Follower ends up informing us that Miss Yandere is pissed but we expected that. What we didn't expect is that later that night, Blind Follower also informed us she was already threatening us. So we’ve got no contact orders, aka baby restraining orders, in place. I’ve seen Miss Yandere twice since that and Rainbow Sunshine has seen her several more times because they have class together but overall everything has kinda calmed down. It’s strange having a room to myself but hopefully it’ll be okay.

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  1. LKWayvern's Avatar
    ...Suddenly I am relieved that slightly strange events have led to me not having a roommate this semester.

    It's good that things have calmed down for you though.
  2. Fate's Avatar
    Holy ****. What a story. Sounds straight out of a horror anime. I'm glad that lunatic has been dealt with and that you and your friends are safe. (Surprised they still let her roam around freely.)

    Enjoy your new freedom, though!
  3. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    I agree with Fate, this seems like horror anime material.

    I feel like I dodged a lot of bullets by commuting to college each year. Sure, it involved a lot of driving, but I just didn't feel dorm life was for me. Especially with how expensive it is. o.o
  4. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    What the heck. o_O So glad she was removed! Hope everything settles down for you now. Sounds like it's been a stressful few months!
  5. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Yikes, yeah all that sounds like it's just horror inducing. Like I don't know how someone like that can just up and get away with things they do for so long. Yet, it happens every day. That's sad. Hopefully she learns her lesson one day. If not, justice will catch up to her instead.

    I'm glad to hear she has been dealt with. Hopefully it's over with for good now and you've heard the last from her. Aside from seeing her around campus at times. If something does come up. I wouldn't hesitate to report it with how serious things COULD have gotten.
  6. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
    I roomed with a group of people when I was in the States for a few months, but it was NOTHING like that. .-. At least they were friendly. Glad you got that freak moved out of there, I would have reported it sooner.
  7. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    She actually sounds like a total psycho and yes...very glad that she got kicked out. What a weirdo! I can't believe that girl, jeez. You should never have to put up with that kind of crap, though, Sloane. Please don't put up with it next time because nobody deserves to be treated like that (except maybe her).
  8. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    @LKWayvern I can say with absolute certainty this is not the norm of roommates. Most are not near this bad. This was just an extreme set of circumstances.
    @Fate I am not so surprised but she's kept to herself with is nice. Still a room to myself is really nice.
    @Neo Emolga Like I said to LK, this is not normal. I may have complained about my roommates last semester but at least we're still friends. Miss Yandere was just on a whole other level of bat **** crazy.
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah It has been and school hasn't helped.
    @Chakramaster Yeah I'm still looking over my shoulder from time to time just in case. If something happens I won't hesistate to report it. And frankly, she might learn her lesson, but it won't be from her experiences with us. As far as I can tell, she believes she's the victim here.
    @Chibi Altaria Yeah like I previously stated, this is an EXTREME situation. Most roommates are not like this AT ALL. And maybe I should have reported it sooner, but as a person who is used to being bullied, it didn't really phase me much until she became an actual threat.
    @Suicune's Fire Yeah it was a stressful situation and I probably should have reported it sooner but I'm used to this kind of thing so until she became an actual threat to me I didn't really feel very scared or bothered by her.