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Guess who's going to GHENT NEXT YEAR

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It's me! :D

Hello everybody! As you may already know, I am currently a third year student in accounting. My college is located in Brussels (Belgium) and each of my parents has a house near Brussels.
In my college, during the second part (February-June) of the third year, there are two possibilities : either doing an internship, a final project and a portfolio, or doing an academic exchange in a partner institution of the college.
When I found out about these two possibilities, I was wondering which one would be the least stressful for me. So, I visited the websites of the Belgian partner institutions of my college. On the website of a college located in Ghent (Belgium), I noticed an "international semester programme" taught in English that looked interesting to me.
At the beginning of September, I went to the open day of that college. I asked a lot of questions and I got answers to my questions, which confirmed my interest in that international semester programme and that college. Soon after that, I applied for an academic exchange.
At the end of October, I received an answer to my application : I had just been selected for the academic exchange! Therefore, I started looking for an apartment to rent near the college I am going to study at.
Today (December 10), I finally found an apartment! I visited it last Saturday (December 8), but I was not the only person interested in renting the apartment, so I was not sure if I was going to get it. I am so glad I got it!

That's why I will stay in Ghent from February 2019 until June 2019.
Ghent and Brussels are not that far from each other, so I will still be able to visit my family during the weekends and school holidays.
I will not have any roommate, and this is the first time I won't have to share a place with other people.

I only have one friend in my current college. Of course, I will miss him when I go to Ghent. However, I would also miss him if I did an internship instead of the academic exchange. I hope we will be able to see each other during the weekends and school holidays sometimes.
Of course, I would love to make new friends in Ghent. However, making new friends is difficult for me, especially outside of the Internet. It won't be a problem for me if I can't make new friends in Ghent, because I have online friends (such as PXR members) and I can send emails to my current IRL friends : so, I won't be lonely.
Finally, I hope that my academic exchange in Ghent will be an interesting and enriching experience.

Here are some pictures of the apartment I am going to rent :

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Scytherwolf's Avatar
    Sounds exciting! And that apartment looks really nice.
  2. Green's Avatar
    Heey congratz! Also, thats a daym nice house..err apartment
  3. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Scytherwolf @Amewsing

    Thank you very much for your comments! :)
  4. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Congratulations on being accepted into the program and finding such a nice apartment! It looks very homey! I'm sure you'll have a great time in Ghent! It sounds very exciting! :)
  5. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah Thank you very much for your comment! :)
  6. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    CONGRATULATIONS VAL!!!!! That sounds amazing and I'm so happy for you! :D It'll be such an awesome experience I'm sure. How exciting that you get the place to yourself as well! Though I hope you're okay by yourself. <3 It can be scary.

    On a side-note I have that exact rainbow flag hanging up in my room! :D I love it!
  7. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire Thank you very much for your comment! :) I also hope I will be okay by myself.
    Yay for rainbow flags! :D I hope that it will still be in the apartment when I start living there (I know that the furniture will stay in the apartment).
  8. Green's Avatar
    I say we make this the most commented on blog post, purely talking about the shelves in those pictures...i think that is shelves. I could be wrong here
  9. Cleobel's Avatar
    @N7 Thank you very much! Which shelves are you talking about?
  10. Green's Avatar
    I honestly don't know. I am positive i saw shelves, maybe i was high i have no clue. Or they just disappeared out of the picture
  11. Cleobel's Avatar
    @N7 Okay, no problem.