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Update about my semester in Ghent

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Hello everybody! My semester in Ghent started almost two weeks ago with the Welcome Week. During that week, the staff members in charge of the incoming students were very nice to me.
Moreover, I visited two buildings of the college. One of them is very modern, but huge and confusing. The other one is smaller and less modern, but still very acceptable. Fortunately, all my classes take place in the smaller building. My weekly schedule is also awesome. :D
In the cafeteria of the smaller building, there are beanbags, which is great in my opinion.

After the Welcome Week, my classes started. I still haven't met one of my teachers because he was absent this week, but the teachers I met don't seem to be mean.
Since my semester in Ghent started, I spent time with a Dutch girl who is very friendly in my opinion. I also exchanged some emails with a Spanish girl who likes dogs and Pokemon.
Of course, when I practice my English in Ghent, my priority is to speak English fluently, not perfectly. Therefore, I don't worry too much about making mistakes and I try to learn from them. :)

Last but not least : unless something changes, I will have a day off on my birthday (February 26), which is awesome. :D

If you have any questions about my semester in Ghent, please feel free to ask them!

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    I'm sooo glad things are going well for you so far, Cleo! It's so great that you've spent time with two new people who are friendly, and that your teachers are not mean (which hopefully means they're nice xD).

    Woohooooo!!! Having a day off on your birthday is fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful day. :3 It's not far off now!
  2. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire Thank you very much for your comment! All the teachers I have met so far gave me a good first impression, so I hope I will be able to confirm that they are nice teachers in the coming weeks. :) And I look forward to my birthday, haha.
  3. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Cleobel That's great to hear! Please let us know when you've got confirmation. Birthdays are always worth looking forward to. ;)
  4. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire Okay, I will let you know in my next update about the semester. :)

    By the way, do you think you will be online on my birthday?
  5. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Cleobel Great. :) I'm sure I will!
  6. Scytherwolf's Avatar
    This is awesome! I hope you have an awesome birthday too. C=
  7. Cleobel's Avatar
    Thank you very much, @Scytherwolf! :)
  8. Caunadan's Avatar
    Glad people are nice there and treating you right.
  9. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Caunadan Yes, that's a good thing. Thank you for your comment. :)