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MC Elesa

I was on a Podcast!

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Hey guys!

You may know me as your friendly, neighborhood writer for PXR. The person that writes a lot for the front page that you may or may not look at as you come to PXR.

To be honest, I have always knew about the blog option. The problem is that after spending thirty minutes to hours writing for the main site, I don't really feel like writing more. Especially for "fun". The horrors!!!

That said, somebody recently told me that I could have advertise my recent appearance on the UPPL Battle Spot podcast in my blog instead of my signature. Granted, I have always used my signature as personal jokes to myself. Most of the time they are weird jokes but jokes that make me laugh. Especially because I rarely post on the forums themselves.

With all of that said! Time to pimp my appearance on the UPPL Battle Spot Podcast one last time!

The United Podcasters Pokemon League is a draft league that PXR was invited to join. Mostly because we have done a lot when it came to supporting the Pokemon podcasting community. As part of the draft league, I was asked to guest spot on their Battle Spot Podcast. During that podcast, I talked about PXR as in what we do and talked about our battle experience for that week as the coach for the Nimbasa City Emolgas (That is our/PXR's Team!).

I personally think I sound horrible and did a bad job in plugging PXR. After all, there is a reason why I write. With that said! Check out UPPL Battle Spot Podcast. My episode is Episode 6: Standing at The Crossroads.


Currently your Nimbasa City Emolgas are in the first ever UPPL's playoffs! That means your hometown team is going to be battling in some intense battles! It also means that their coach, Mikey, is going to make one more appearance on the UPPL Battle Spot podcast! We are not sure when that will be but make sure to support your favorite team as they battle out against the toughest trainers in the UPPL draft! Show that Emolga pride!

Deep breath...Maybe I will make more of these. Who knows.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    That's really cool Mikey!! I can't listen right now but I'll check it out next time I'm on the train :D Good luck in the playoffs!
  2. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    That's so cool! Glad everything in the tournament is going well!
  3. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Dude, that was great! I feel like a nubcake when it comes to Pokemon battling and all these intricate components and strategies going on that I'm next to clueless about, but it was great to listen to and you did totally fine talking things out and coming across as presentable, poised, and confident.

    And your voice is fine, dude! I hope you continue to enjoy the tournament and have a great time with it! Go Emolgas!
  4. Chakramaster's Avatar
    That’s awesome to hear! Even more so to hear how well the tournament is going! Intense battles should make it all the more fun. Good luck in the rest of the tournament! You’ve got this!