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let's talk about this whole recovery shabang. it's not fun. it's not as easy as the doctor said it was going to be. unfortunately anything that isn't crackers or water my body wants no part of. i ate one tiny bite of a cookie last night and i'm paying for it big time. yes, i know i'm supposed to take adding food back into my diet slowly, but i didn't think i'd shift from having acid reflux to bile reflux. i don't know whats worse.

one of my incisions also won't heal and it's just as painful as it was when i first had surgery so i don't know what that's about. i don't wanna complain too much because yes i feel loads better and i can eat now without having any sort of problems with reflux, but i'm so tired and lethargic because the food i'm eating gives me 0 energy and i can only eat like twice a day before i'm done.

i did just get the diagnosis of my problem the other day because i guess they biopsied my gallbladder. and after two years of telling doctors somethings wrong and them not believing me, it was chronically inflamed. hopefully i'll be able to eat something normal again soon.

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  1. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
    That sounds like an awful recovery. :/ No surgery is easy, but that just makes it a lot more taxing on you. Sounds similar to me not being able to eat. I, myself, woke up this morning with the usual burning stomach and indigestion - my fault for the last one, I ate a bit too late. I'll go for a walk after and hope it helps. Still not as bad as the indigestion I get from the reflux medication.

    I've also heard there's almost nil you can do for bile reflux, even antacids don't work for that. Did you mention the bile reflux to them? Is it a side effect or will it get better with time once you heal? I hope that incision gets better for you too, pain sucks. And at least you know what was wrong now. Stupid doctors for not believing you in the first place, they can be real idiots a lot of the time. Hoping it all works out. <3
  2. roo's Avatar
    unfortunately bile reflux is just a normal part of recovery because my body doesn't know where to store excess bile. if i have an empty stomach or if i eat something that my body says no to it makes it act up so i have to be very careful.
  3. Chakramaster's Avatar
    That's just awful, roo. I'm sorry to hear things still haven't been all that great even after your surgery and diagnosis. I've had surgery before myself and recover is NOT fun at all. Even today I still have pains from the surgical scars. It's not as painful as it once was, but occasionally it gets painful enough it makes me worry my lung is trying to collapse again.

    One spot isn't healing at all? Did they give any instructions on what to take and what medication not to take? Sometimes certain medicine can prevent them from healing like they're supposed to. I swear though, you issue sounds exactly like how Gemma's is. It incredible how something like this can be so hard to find for doctors. Even more so just how hard it fights the body to stay hidden and not heal up.

    Hoping the best for you and your recovery! I know it's tough, but stay strong! We're all here for you if you need to talk! :)
  4. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by roo
    unfortunately bile reflux is just a normal part of recovery because my body doesn't know where to store excess bile. if i have an empty stomach or if i eat something that my body says no to it makes it act up so i have to be very careful.
    Interesting, cause I feel that mine actually gets worse on an empty stomach too. Is bile reflux similar to acid reflux? I'm not even sure which one if I have, if either. Though since antacids make mine worse I'm leaning towards the latter. I'd like to find a way to fix my raw throat sooner rather than later, though.

    Hope it gets better soon.
  5. roo's Avatar
    they’re kinda similar. bile reflux happens b/c i don’t have a gb anymore to store it. acid reflux is just stomach acid i believe. have you ever asked for a ppi? while it doesn’t make acid reflux go away it definitely made mine a lot more tolerable.

    if you’re still have problems i suggest bland bland bland foods. like cut out everything from your diet and start from scratch. and propping yourself up during sleep. i also learned a fun trick. don’t sleep on your right side if you don’t want acid reflux. for some reason it makes it worse. i don’t know if any of these tips will help you, but maybe it can help someone on here.
  6. Chibi Altaria's Avatar

    That's the thing, I used to take PPIs and I felt worse on them. :/ In the end they were working, so maybe it was side effects I was getting? I could try it again I suppose. Just all range of antacids don't really seem to do anything for me.

    I've been sleeping propped up for a long time now, also tried the bland diet as well as sleeping on my left side. Nothing makes a difference. That's why sometimes it makes me think it's not even reflux, as nothing seems to work.