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So Basically Funerals Suck

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Hello this is my first ever blog post about my first ever funeral..!

So basically i went to my great-grandmother's funeral this last friday, i had never been to a funeral before so i didn't know what was gonna happen. I went suit shopping with my dad Tuesday cuz my family (6 people btw, 2 parents, me, and my 3 siblings) planned to make a 6-hour drive from Florida (where i live) to Louisiana (our relative mother lode) for the procession. Baseline: JcPenny's sucked, Dillard's was a fiasco, Target was our savior XD (found a really nice Mtv shirt too) so we took the drive and stayed at my grandparents' house until the funeral happened.

So the day of the funeral happens, we drive to the church nearby, and i see literally all my relatives, even some i don't know. The service starts, it was about an hour long, filled with tears, readings (my MOM was picked to read a bible passage and she NAILED IT), and catholic nonsense. (i say that cuz i'm christian and i was never catholic in my life and my mom/dad used to be until they got saved, but our families were hard-core catholics lol) so the funeral ends and we leave, and i actually didn't cry the entire time so i basically NAILED IT!!!

yeah i don't like funerals and i fear this one won't be my last..

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  1. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your loss. :(

    Yeah, funerals aren't anyone's idea of a good time and I've been to quite a few of them, but they're a tough part of life that everyone goes through.
  2. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Funerals are never good fun times. It's always tough. Even if you or others don't shed tears. I've had my fair share of funerals to go to. Some expected while others totally unexpected. It's all a part of the life cycle and time. We all have to suffer through it at some point.

    Sorry about your loss though. It's always tough losing a loved one.
  3. Cleobel's Avatar
    @The Foogle Sorry to hear about your loss. :( May your great grandmother rest in peace.
  4. The Foogle's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga, @Chakramaster, @Cleobel, thanks for the condolence, you've been a wonderful audience.

    but i'm totally fine tho XD
  5. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    I have never heard anyone say that they 'nailed' a funeral. xD Even if you cry, you still nail it, because you get through it. They're always tough. I went to one recently and it's fascinating to hear about people's lives, but so sad at the same time. Sorry for your loss. Hope you're family's doing okay. And glad to hear Target pulled through!