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Fortnite: Battle Royale- Season 9 Review

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Today is the very last day of Fortnite's 9th season, so i thought maybe i could review it and share my thoughts on how well it did! I'll be going over:
-New areas, What went away, and Functionalities (vehicles, etc)
-New Weapons
-The Battle Pass
-Events (LTMs, live events)

Here we go, then!
-New Areas/ Functionalities

With Tilted Towers and Retail row being destroyed by a volcano eruption last season, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall took their places, respectively. Neo Tilted is a modern redesign of the old Towers sweats loved, while Mega Mall is a huge mall in place of where all the stores used to be. As for the old volcano, it was turned into Pressure Plant, a energy power plant atop the now crumbled volcano. These are all the new areas that were added, but surprisingly, none of the other areas were removed or changed, except for Polar Peak, which had its entire castle portion ripped off later on in the season. Now, the areas are all fine, but what new features were added to make the game more interesting? For starters, the Slipstream was introduced, being a wind tunnel network that went around the whole island, making travelling from place to place easier. There were also Sky Platforms, which were helpful if you wanted to have a gun before dropping to a nearby area, or using the air turbines to slingshot yourself into the air, making it simple to glide towards the storm circle.

-New Weapons

For each weapon added, i'll describe what it does and give a one-to five star rating of the item, 1 star being the worst, five stars being the best.

*note that i may forget a weapon, and that not all weapons were added at once and that it was spread out over the season with various updates.

-Combat Shotgun: a very versatile shotgun with a small reticle, but rapid-shot damage. a solid shotgun- 4.5 stars

-Tactical Assault Rifle: The first AR to use mini/SMG ammo, this gun is fantastic for lasering people and hitting hard at medium-close range: 5 stars

-Burst SMG: This odd SMG fires 4 bullets in a burst, causing for interesting damage. odd concept but it's solid: 4 stars

-Storm Flip: This throwable item caused a sphere that when in effect, caused a harmful storm area in a safe zone, or a safe zone in the storm. Not that great though: 2 stars

-Drum Shotgun: The most trash gun in Fortnite history. Only noobs/bots use this spam gun: 0 stars

-Purple and Gold Revolver: A new rarity to an old pistol, this weapon is pretty solid, not much else to say: 3.5 stars

-Purple and Gold Tactical Shotgun: A long overdue higher rarity to the standard tac shotgun, this gun is broken if used correctly: 4 stars

-Air Strike: When thrown, summons a cloud that rains missiles on a circled area. not so useful other than stopping builds: 2.5 stars

-Storm Scout Sniper Rifle: The newest gun added, this gun has multiple shots and actually has a storm radar on the scope, telling you where the next safe circle is going to be: 3.5 stars
(end of weapons)

-The Battle Pass

Season 9 was themed around the future, so of course there are skins and *most of the* cosmetics to reflect it. The battle pass certainly didn't disappoint, but you can't bring up season 9 without the new feature, Fortbytes! These computer chips are hidden around the island with 100 total to collect. Each one has a clue or requirement to earn, and when you get a certain amount of Fortbytes, a style or cosmetic related to a skin in the Pass is earned! A completionist's dream for sure :D


Last but not least, i'll get into LTM/ live events with the same star rating.

-Fortnite X John Wick: Wick's Bounty (LTM)
The first event of the season that went along with the release of the third John Wick movie, this LTM was an interesting one with some sweet rewards, but the gamemode itself was third-party hell- 3.5 stars

Fortnite X Jumpman (Michael Jordan) Downtown Drop (Creative LTM):
This was the first LTM entirely made in Creative, and it was an absolute blast. Not only were there cool rewards, the mode itself had huge “City Escape” vibes from Sonic Adventure 2- 4 stars

Horde Rush (LTM):
A crossover with Fortnite's alternate zombie survival mode, Save The World, it was a good concept, poor execution, and some challenges were impossible- 1.5 stars

Final Showdown [LIVE EVENT] This event is probably the greatest in Fortnite history, being an epic duel between a giant robot that was built at Pressure Plant and a Monster that broke out of Polar Peak. TL;DR: The robot won- 5 stars

14 Days of Summer (Event/LTM Amalgam)
Check comments for details- 5 stars

Fortnite's Second Birthday (Event)
Since the game turned 2 years old near the end of July, Fortnite had an event with challenges in commemoration. Happy Second, Fortnite!- 4 stars

And with that, i end my review of season 9, a fantastic season that really let new things shine. OVERALL SEASON REVIEW: 4.5 stars

Let me know what you thought of the season if you played!

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  1. The Foogle's Avatar
    14 Days of Summer (Event/LTM Amalgam)
    I didn't have enough room in the original post to type, so here it is. Epic released a 2- week long summer event filled with brand-new LTM's, an unvaulted weapon every day for one day only, and a new cosmetic to earn per day! Fantastic event- 5 stars
  2. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Nah I still haven't played and don't think I'll be going back at least. Game wise I've just been totally set on sticking with Overwatch and Final Fantasy 14. Buuuuuuut my perspective from the game and what I remember is...

    I didn't know they totally destroyed Tilted Towers. That place was so rich that they had memes blowing out of this said "volcano." Good to see that they keep trying to change things up and keeping things fresh.

    Battle Passes are becoming so frustrating. Regardless of what they provide. It's good to see that something is trying to be done about them and loot boxes, but I doubt it'll do much good. Cause I don't see it lasting too long until the next thing comes into place to take it's place.

    Weapon wise it seems like they need constant changes (buffs and nerfs) as like skills do in other games. Helps keep playability more fair to others.

    also, giant robot fights were always awesome. Loved them as a kid, but some reason didn't like shows like Gundam. xD ask me why? I dunno