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Here I Go Again...

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Me and my issues with computers is never ending it seems...Well I've had an interesting near year long experience now. Since about this time last year I had started a look online for a new computer. One that could finally replace my laptop. It wasn't until sometime over June I actually got one (even though I sent it back because it didn't work right). Sometime in October I finally found a new one (same one my brother just bought, specs and all). And I am again. Another problem, another facepalm, and *facedesk.*

Now this NEW laptop is once again messing up (hardware problems). It was bad when I first bought it, and I brought it up here a few times too. Though it was bearable. Now it got to the point where nothing would load right, videos would not load, games could barely be played, and everything just ran SLOW. So before calling the company for more help I decided to take a more drastic measure. So I reset my laptop back to factory setting. Just in case it was improper installation of something when I first start up my laptop. After an hour or more of waiting it finally finished, but. Nope. Everything just got so much worse.

Now along with those other issues. Nothing saves (when I make system changes such as 2 fingers to scroll rather than one on the side), browser doesn't accept changes (so I can't use adobe flash player or switch it so Chrome will allow it), and biggest issue. The keyboard (steelseries) Driver does not work. So now I've got more issues, oh and did I mention the S/N they gave me for the warranty doesn't work? The S/N is on the keyboard and even faded away now. So it's impossible to read it.

I swear I'm just cursed when it comes to computers. Ever hear of a laptop that needs to LOAD audio for every single video you pull up? No? Well the laptop before this had it. It's terrible. Now this new computer is giving me issues. I've already sent in a request to them for help, but my luck with computers is just to the point where I need to almost have someone personally build one from the ground up for me and set it up. Otherwise I would touch it and it's instantly broke or something goes wrong with it. I could be a computer store's worst nightmare if I walked in and touched their computers. They would never even know it was me either because all it would take is one touch.

Hopefully I can get them to take it in and fix any issue with it. And I pray that I don't need to pay for anything since my warranty should still be active (even though their website won't accept it). Not only that, but I hope all above that, that I never have any computer issues ever again after this....

-Chakra, computer destroyer (since 2006)

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  1. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Well, when the war against the machines breaks out, I know who I want by my side!

    Sorry to hear all that, dude. I've had computer trouble in the past and it's a nightmare, especially if you're not super computer-savvy. It's nice when things just WORK WHEN THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO.
  2. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Oh deary me. This sounds dreadful. =/ I hope they can replace that hunk of junk for you. What a joke! Talk about planned obsolescence. (And premature, at that.) Good luck, dude!
  3. Chakramaster's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga haha, well that's a good way to think about it. Hey, even my iPhone battery has started to die out. I could also swear my 3DS battery is too (both hold less of a charge now). Yeah though, it's a pain. Especially when you buy one with specs (the same exact basically as a friend or relative) yet yours works no where near as good as theirs does. Thanks Neo!
    @Suicune's Fire It's so annoying yeah x_x...I just want a computer I get to be what I pay for and never have another issue that's out of my control happen like this ever again. That's Xanthe! I hope they can get it all sorted out as well.

    I'm actually about to call them up now and get things sorted out. Depending on how it goes I may have an update for the blog =3