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OH Boy! What a Process !

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Well first and foremost....AAAAAAAHHAAAA! I KNEW IT!!! Sorry had to get that out. Anyway, in case you haven't read my last blog, feel free to catch up and click that back button or you can just Click Here. When you're good and caught up feel free to check back.

All set? Good, so strap in. Well I made the call today to MSI to try and get my warranty activated so I can ship off my laptop to get fixed. At first I called and they told me the Serial Number I had was wrong. I knew it couldn't be. When I first opened it up the first thing I did was save the S/N on this bottom of the laptop into my phone and computer. So I asked them if there was any other way. Luckily it was on the box. Which door in a closet x_x so I had to tell them I'd call back.

After that I went online and tried entering it to my account before I called back. After confirming it was active I called back. Only when I explained it to them, gave them the serial number, they asked for my name (and yes my account DID have my correct name). They told me it was wrong that it WASN'T under my name. So I had to go through a whole entire process of getting it changed over by proving I did purchase the product and getting it on MY account. Luckily, MSI has a very great customer service and was able to help me with little to no problems. Just a few questions here and there. FAAAAAAAAAAR better than that stupid Cyberpower @[email protected] ugh the bad memories of CyberPower....

Anyway, turns out. This "brand new" laptop was previously owned. So, from the very start, when I felt it was running way slower than it should have. I CALLED IT!!!! It was used and just refurbished. Now they have all the information about my laptop and what it was supposed to be along with even the smallest detail of how the screen had begun to crack. Oh man if this, seriously if THIS gets fixed to where I'll have no more issues with it after this I'll be so glad =D.

If I get it back or word from them something else is wrong....well expect another rant blog xD. Right now I'm just glad to have this out of the way and everything I had been guessing turn out right (seriously how many theories have I made that are starting to look or turn true?). Either way it was a process, but everything at the moment seems great! If it doesn't work after this....I'll complain to Amazon since they really want everything they sell to work right. They could probably destroy the third party that sold this if need be xD. Anyway this will be the last blog from this "new/broken old refurbished laptop." So far, it's nothing but good news. I'll have word on it in the coming week(s).

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  1. Speed-X's Avatar
    Geez...they gave you a refurbished a high end store? Jfc
  2. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    What a mess, that's just ridiculous that they would outright lie to you and sell you something that wasn't new after all. Either someone really messed up on their end, or they were trying to swindle you.

    At this point, they really should just refund you everything.
  3. Chakramaster's Avatar
    @Speed-X well actually it was sold off Amazon through a third party (Computer King USA or something like that). It was an MSI laptop sold through a third party. Luckily the "already active warranty" was still active. You know thinking back to when I first opened it. I always thought it was odd seeing "SALE!" taped to the box when I got it. I don't think a brand new laptop that's never been used and cost $1599 could be a "SALE" in any way.

    @Neo Emolga if anything it was on Amazon. They have a good policy at least in making sure everything is sold in working condition and matching what's listed. So if the actual MSI company doesn't fix it according to how it was listed now (or they can't replace the laptop entirely with a new one. Seriously I'm calling back on Tuesday to talk about that before I send it in). Then I will test it. If it doesn't work right this time I'm complaining to Amazon. Not just that, there will be physical proof. So I will have the proof I need at least to show them. Heck, if it all goes wrong and Amazon fixes it, maybe I'll be able to get better in the end. Maybe my luck will turn for the better soon...but let's just hope for now MSI can fix it up right instead before I go on ranting more.

    If they don't fix it, yeah I'll complain more and possibly see what I can do. If anything maybe they should refund me that and more.
    Updated 03-05-2016 at 05:25 AM by Chakramaster