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I'm back!!

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So, if any of you have noticed, over maybe the last month and a half or so, I have been pretty much inactive and that is due to me going through my A-Level exams. So much has happened over the last month or two, some great, some terrible, so yeah. I'll go over a few things. Mainly to explain my absence and also because one of the things that has happened is related to a little someone I have talked about in a few previous blogs.

So, the last two months has been an emotional roller coaster. I got with my girlfriend two months ago, which was great. We're both planning on moving to the same university and we are both Pokemon loving Weebs so I couldn't have been more happy. that is one of the good things that has happened in the last two months. My first exam was on 18th May. It went very well. It was a resit as I failed it last year but I feel like this time, I was much more prepared and did well. Then there was the last day of college. It has become tradition that the Year 13s go in fancy dress to the last day of college. There were people in Hawaii costumes, nurse outfits, Scooby Doo outfits and more. Me and my friends went as nerdy characters. haha. Me and my girlfriend went as Ash Ketchum and Serena, my other friends went as Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Sasuke Uchiha, Hermione, The Mad Hatter, Harley Quinn and the Michelin Man.
Then, the week after, me, my girlfriend and her auntie and uncle all went to MCM London Comic Con. We went in our Ash Ketchum and Serena costumes that we had worn on our last day of college. I bought 5 t-shirts, 2 Ramune drinks, 2 posters and a Ł10 Tokyo Toys Pocky pack. It was amazing. We then spent the rest of the day walking round London.

So all of that was amazing... the next, not so much.
So, Spike, my Bearded Dragon that I have mentioned in previous blogs and posted pictures of is an amazing fat little lizard and seemed to have perfect health, however, all it took was one day for all of that to break down..
One day, I got him out and he seemed fine. He was running round, happy and active but he had a black beard, which only happens if he is unhappy or angry. He was still giving me snuggles so I knew something was up. Thinking that it could be him going into brumation, which all the symptoms seemed to show, lethargy, loss of appetite and his black beard seemed to make sense, so I created him a little den so he could sleep as brumation is Lizard hibernation. Well, about 3 hours later, I checked up on him. He couldn't open his eyes, didn't have the strength to hold himself up and his breathing was very weak. This was a huge shock since hours before he seemed fine. I instantly began to panic and we instantly took him to the vets. When we got to the vets, they checked up on him and it wasn't good. They said that he had a tumour that was undiagnosed and was very well hidden and it has seemed to have ruptured. Therefore he was having serious internal bleeding and was in a very bad shape. I was devastated. I realised that throughout the day he had been slowly dying and I didn't know. The vet said nothing could have stopped it and it was not our fault and we decided it was the best thing to have him put down. We couldn't afford all of the treatment which the vet admitted, would most likely not save him anyway so we thought that in respect for him, we'd say goodbye and end his pain. It was a sudden shock. Hours before I would never imagine I would be at the vets saying goodbye to my lizard for the last time. But it has just made me realise that anything could happen and I am grateful that he was such an amazing pet whilst he lived.
I still have Oakie and since Spike's death he seems to have gotten a lot more trustworthy with me and a lot more comfortable so I'm glad that the pet I have left is beginning to trust me.

So after that, I was quite down for a few days and I thought it would be the start to a really bad streak of luck during my exams. I felt like this was a bad omen, but when exams came, so were good, some were bad, but overall I think I have done well and done enough to be able to get into university to do Graphic Design. I did a history exam and 4 maths exams. I think history went well and half of the maths exams did too. I just need 3 B grades so I think I have got that. But I'll have to wait until the end of August to find out how well I truly did, and then the end of September is when I will start university.

So the last two months have been a huge roller coaster of emotions, it's been a great ride but a devastating ride at the same time, but it still happened, and the next few months will be just as confusing with the way my whole life will change with Uni. Now all of the exams are over, I will be back, trying to bring more arty things here and hopefully becoming more of a part of the community. :)
Thanks for reading, and sorry that some of the material was a little depressing and stuff, but as I have mentioned Spike in almost every blog, I felt the need to say.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Welcome back Coru! I'm so sorry about Spike. :( Poor little guy. It all happened so fast, it might have been a real shock. And to have to deal with that when exams are coming up too must have been really stressful.

    Congrats on finishing exams! Looking forward to seeing you around more. :)
  2. Daughter of Mew's Avatar
    I'm so sorry about your lizard, losing a pet is awful especially when it's that fast :(

    Glad you exams went okay though. I went to MCM too, it was the best!! I probably saw you and fangirled over your costumes at a distance. I just finished my first year of uni so feel free to PM me if you want any tips or help :~)
  3. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Coru I'm so sorry. <3333 Sorry for Spike and sorry I didn't see this until now.