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Missing... [Update: FOUND!]

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UPDATE: MINTY HAS BEEN LOCATED! A nearby vet gave us a call this morning (18th October) after someone had handed her in after finding her at a train station (which was the next stop away from the station near close and yet so far). I'm so happy, relieved and thankful to have her back. <3 She's very happy to be back and I can tell that she's going to need a few days to settle down, but that's okay. She was so happy to climb into her nighttime cage this evening and go to bed. After spending 5 nights alone in the "wild," she is probably very thankful for a warm house! :D

Thank you to all who showed support... It's extremely awesome and heartwarming to know that everyone here is so filled with kindness and care. It means a lot to me. <3 You're all such amazing people.

Some of you know that my cockatiel flew away four days ago (11th October). I was stupid enough to take her outside, and while lowering her to the ground, she took off and freaked out and started flying around, not knowing how to land because she's barely aware of the fact that she's a bird.

She's been missing ever since. I chased her down that day three times, but each time, I lost her trail. I kept hearing her squawking from somewhere nearby, but then she'd go silent again. I haven't heard her since the first day she went missing. Since then I've thought I've heard things, but it was probably my ears playing tricks.

I've handed out flyers, asked the local vet and the local bird vet, put a flyer up at the local shops, put an ad up online, put one on Facebook, and let my neighbours know. I've been trying to keep my tears in this whole time, but enough is enough and this morning I've just finally let go. I haven't cried this hard in a long time. The past few days, I've been jumpy, touchy, had little to no appetite and have felt like doing nothing. This bird was absolutely in love with me. Anytime I did anything, she wanted to be there with me. When I got home from somewhere, she would not stop chirping at the top of her lungs being all like "XANTHE YOU'RE HOME! YOU'RE HOME!!!!!!!1!!11!2" until I came down to pat her. She wouldn't let anyone else handle her except me.

We adopted her from our neighbours a few years back when they couldn't keep her anymore. Randomly she became my responsibility when she bonded to me, and earlier this year I took her to the bird vet to get a tumor removed, which was successful but cost me all my savings. This isn't about a random bird; it's about Minty the cockatiel who never wanted to fly away. She just did because she had little to no flying experience and freaked out. Then she couldn't land because she had no clue how to, and she just kept flying higher and higher, circling the house and screeching to me like "WHAT AM I DOING AND HOW DO I STOP?!"

I know I've sort of done all I can at this point, but I know that it's my fault. I should have clipped her wings, at the very least. If she had died, I would feel differently. But she flew away because of my error, and I don't know if she's in some random person's care, hanging out with wild cockatoos and lorikeets, or just plain dead. I know how hopeless she would be on her own. Without a human, she'd surely be dead. She barely even knows she's a bird. I used to try to help her learn how better to fly inside the house, and she got the hang of it...and that's how she escaped. How's that for a slap in the face.

In this second one, she's curling up to go to sleep on my arm.

I miss Minty so much. Just habitually I would go into the kitchen and whistle, and hear her little chirp back to me from the next room. Two days ago, I whistled without thinking and there was no response. The day after she went missing, I put her cage on the roof of the house and this morning it was so windy that it blew down, and her things were scattered everywhere on the ground. I picked up the pieces one by one.

The vet didn't seem to take me seriously when I gave her a flyer and asked if they could display it. People tend to see birds like they don't matter, or like they aren't as much of a pet as a cat or a dog. She absolutely loved me more than my cat does. I love them both so much, but Minty is so much more helpless than Misty. (Yes, their names are the same except the s/n but we didn't name Minty. xD) She's just this giant derp with no hope of survival on her own, which is the worst part. I'm so guilt-ridden and upset and angry and hopeful. If I knew she could live a happy, wild life, then it'd be different. But I know that she can't, and she's either dead right now, or someone has found her. I hope with all my heart that someone found her and is caring for her, even if she never comes back to me.

I needed to write this to get it out of my system. I'll update you if she ever comes home.

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  1. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Meh, and she seems like such a sweet bird, too. I used to have nightmares about my own birds flying away and never coming back, but sadly, they all passed away years ago and I haven't dreamt about them for a long time. I haven't gotten a new pet either because my living situation is kind of in limbo and I don't have a job at the moment.

    Birds are AMAZING when they bond to you. They are so much fun and there's so much more personality to them than people think. My brother's cockatiel is honestly kind of a grumpy kook at times, but it would be sad if something bad happened to him. Personally, I've had great birds, and I've had... no so great ones, but there were still things about them that were good even if they were destructive or liked to bite. Maybe they had a nice chirp, did silly antics, or had colorful personalities. There was always at least something about them that could be admired.

    Give yourself some time, also. When my lovebird, Indy, passed away after having him for about 14 years, it was horrendous. That bird had a love for adventure and mischief, and then one afternoon he just got really sick, weak and frail, and passed away less than an hour later. But even when he was very sick and weak, he would still chirp back when I called his name.

    I keep reading and remembering Max's quote. Don't cry because she's gone. Smile because you she had a great, positive impact on you and remember that you had a great positive impact on her. So many pets never get that kind of love and affection and so many people don't ever get the chance to try owning a pet companion.

    Still, sorry to hear this happened. Don't blame yourself for this, because you meant and wanted the best for her and sometimes accidents like these happen.
  2. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    I was wondering when you'd post this here. I still keep hoping she'll come home at some point. You had such great advice on Facebook too. Hopefully she'll come home soon.
  3. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    I'm so sorry Xanthe! I've been keeping an eye on your Facebook post, hoping you would update that she came back. She is an adorable birdy! Hopefully someone has found her and is taking great care of her. :) My grandparents live in your suburb and they have heaps of bird feeders in their garden, so I told them to keep a look out.
  4. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
    I'm terribly sorry about what happened to Minty, Xanthe, but it seems like you're doing all you can to help find her. The only thing you can really do now is wait and hope that she shows up. And if not, do what Neo suggested. Remember all the good times and fond memories you have of her, and I'm certain with time it will get easier.

    It's never easy losing a pet, though. While a slightly different scenario, I had to give my bunny away because I just couldn't look after him anymore with a full time job. I was so sad to see him go (despite how many times the little devil had tried to escape). Not so much when he was older, but when he was younger he loved being held. He used to fall asleep on my lap and love being scratched behind his ears. So even though I can't look after him like that anymore, I still remember all the good times we had. And it brings a smile to my face each time. :)

    I'm sure Minty wouldn't like to see you so down, so keep your chin up for her sake! Hopefully she can be found soon. And don't be afraid to seek support from your friends and family if you need it. We're here for you!
  5. Chakramaster's Avatar
    I saw you post this on Facebook. I just didn't know what to really say there. I'm so sorry to hear about Minty and the whole thing that caused it. Every now and then I remember hearing you talk about her. What all you did the show her you truly cared for her. You did what it took to make her happy and she showed the same love and care back to you. When something like that happens. It just takes time. With a bird and in this case how she is, we can only hope for the best. Hope that someone found her and took her into care and will notice your flyers. Just at most, hopefully she is being taken into good hands.

    Losing a pet is terrible. Our new dog has broken her way out of our fence so many times now. She's been such a handful it's hard to keep her IN our yard now. Finding her after that is hard as it is. Hopefully, she will find her way back home. Maybe even be waiting right outside for you one day if not in the care of someone bringing her back. Just remember all the good times with her and know that she knows you loved her and gave her the best you could offer a bird. So much that she never realized she was one. =)

    If you ever need to talk with any of us here more just to get more things out. I'm sure any one of us would be MORE than happy to talk with you more personally about it. It's a hard time right now, but we and your family are here for you, Xanthe! Take your time and hopefully we hear some good news back soon.
  6. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga @Chakramaster @Pokemon Trainer Sarah @Lunar Latias

    In case you guys haven't seen the update on Facebook

  7. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
  8. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    YES! That's amazing news!

    Oh, I'm glad to hear that! :D
  9. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga Reading that post a few days ago made me tear up and cry. It's so sad when pets pass on, and like you said, birds are amazing! So sorry to hear about Indy... :[ So sad. 14 years is a long time, though. He surely had the best life. <3 Thanks so much for your support! AND YES SHE IS BACK AND IT'S THE BEST THING EVER. I'm so happy. *v*
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah That's so sweet. I really appreciated that. <3 Also come visit me if you're ever visiting your grandpa!
    @Lunar Latias Nuuu the bunny. D: It's sad when pets have to go. I hope that never happens to you again. :c THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!! I'm so relieved she's back. <3
    @Chakramaster It's okay. It's lovely of you to comment here. Thanks so much for your kind words. Sorry to hear about your escape artist dog. D: I hope she learns to stick around. SHE'S BACK. THANK YOU. I almost feel like she was returned to me because how of nice everyone was. <3 Seriously, thank you. :D
  10. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    (Sorry my last response was kind of on the short side, I was on my tablet, which doesn't have the greatest keyboard :P)

    It is AWESOME you got her back! I've heard of so many cases where pet birds flew away and they never came back, and it's incredible someone spotted her five days later and managed to safely get her back to you! Usually once they're gone, they're gone for good.

    Minty is very, very lucky to have you. As in she freaking won the lottery kind of lucky.

    I'm also glad Minty wasn't injured or anything like that during this five day... adventure. Maybe a little shaken up, but like you said, a few days to settle down and I think she'll be fine.

    But yes, I'm very happy this story has a happy ending. :D
  11. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Emolga
    (Sorry my last response was kind of on the short side, I was on my tablet, which doesn't have the greatest keyboard :P)

    It is AWESOME you got her back! I've heard of so many cases where pet birds flew away and they never came back, and it's incredible someone spotted her five days later and managed to safely get her back to you! Usually once they're gone, they're gone for good.

    Minty is very, very lucky to have you. As in she freaking won the lottery kind of lucky.

    I'm also glad Minty wasn't injured or anything like that during this five day... adventure. Maybe a little shaken up, but like you said, a few days to settle down and I think she'll be fine.

    But yes, I'm very happy this story has a happy ending. :D
    Don't be sorry! xD I'm happy for any comment.

    I KNOW. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE HOW LUCKY WE WERE. I really want to thank the person who found her, but I don't know who it was! But yeah, exactly. She is the type of bird who would try to come back, but she just didn't know how.

    AWW STOP. <3 I'm lucky to have her. And YES, I'm so surprised! Not a scratch on her. It's been really windy and raining the past few days though, so she would have had to spend days and nights out in the rain. :( When it rained yesterday I think she freaked out a little... A bit traumatised from it, haha. She never liked water anyway. xD Bathtime was always torturetime. XD

    Yay! 8D Thank you! >w< Me too. I won't lie; I cried when I saw her at the vet. XD
  12. Chakramaster's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire YAAAAAY! I'm so glad she was found! Glad to hear that Minty has been safely returned to you and is back home safe and well. I was worried given the time, but that's SOME LUCK! I'm glad the person was even able to get her safely and get her to the Vet.

    Now you two can catch up and have all the fun you love together so much! YAAAAAAAY XANTHE! YAAAAAAAY MINTY! =D
  13. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Chakramaster SAAAAAAME. She's currently chirping away like a happy little birdie. xD VERY LUCKY. I'm so glad I had an ad up!

    I KNOW, YAAAAAAAY! Mum said this morning she was listening to the wild birds and then turned to Mum and I was like "CHIRP. >:Z" XD Like she missed being free. Which she probably does. But she was also very happy to come home. C:
  14. Bulbasaur's Avatar