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The Recent Hospital Visit

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Be warned, as this blog consists of what happened to me and the procedure I took in the hospital. I don't go into extreme details, but I do descibe some of it.

So as most of you know by now, back on October 22nd I went to the hospital. I hadn't really made my blog on it like I wanted. So I'll catch everyone up on what happened.

The night before I was just sitting in the living room about to get on my laptop late at night. Everyone else had already gone to sleep in the house so I figured it was a good time. Walking around and getting ready I noticed a heavy like feeling in the right side of my chest. At times it was even harder to breathe. I remember I kept telling myself in my head, "I hope it's not happening again.." because what happened is actually the SECOND time this has happened. Eventually it got to the point I felt so bad I didn't even wanna stay up and use my computer and just threw away everything I had just made. I went to bed hoping to feel better in the morning. Only I didn't, though I didn't feel worse either. About the same really.

The next day I felt just as bad, so I mentioned it to my brother since he was the only one home at the time and he is a nursing student. He even looked up things online to make sure what he was listening for when he used his stethoscope. We decided we'd tell our parents and they got back home pretty quick as they were finished shopping anyway (just deciding about lunch, which ended up never happening lol). My mom called ahead to the place we went before since they knew about it from 4 years ago. Luckily, the same nurse that helped me with this 4 years ago was there. Still to this day I believe in God some of you know. I know not all of you are Christian and I won't judge anyone for their beliefs, but things like that are what truly help reassure me God or some higher power is out there. That nurse was NOT supposed to even be in that day. She was just filling in for someone. The odds of that are.....insanely low. It's that feeling like someone really is looking out for me.

Anyway we got there and she was able to jump us right up to the front because we called ahead and knew the situation. Soon as they put me in a room they pulled me out and to the x-ray. Not long after at all she came in and told me it was happening again. Oh, I never mentioned it. I had a "Spontaneous Pneumothorax." Which essentially means "Collapsing of the lung." My right lung started collapsing for the second time. This time it was more stable so I didn't need an ambulance ride like the last time. So we drove to the ER and the nurse called ahead to tell them I was coming so I didn't sit there waiting for hours waiting on a doctor to do the procedure. I got right in and the wheeled me to the O.R. and started prepping me. Hospital gown, wires, IVs, and all the stuff. It was so odd having so many people in there this time though. Last time was only the doc, a nurse, and my mom xD. This time it was a huge room and filled with nursing students ._. including my brother when he got there because he wanted to see it. This time as well they decided to put me under a sedation so I wouldn't be completely out, unlike last time where I was awake. The procedure was to place a chest tube into the right side chest wall.

After the procedure they wanted to make sure I was conscious before they moved me to my room. There was this whole ordeal where they moved me to ICU for "observation" at first which we complained about. Seriously, the whole area looked really run down and ratty. I'm glad we complained and got moved. Apparently, we found out their reasoning was "there was no rooms available." Meaning the hospital was full....which I don't really believe. Anyway, they moved me soon enough to the floor with diabetic and blood pressure patients floor, which seemed relatively quiet, so it was nice. The nurses were nice and really helpful as well. The first nurse when I got there (the one that was scheduled to look after me) asked me if I had dinner yet. I'm glad she did because I hadn't eaten all day after that. It was about 6:30PM before I got to the room and I got there to the first nurse for those X-rays at about 11:00am. She was able to get me some dinner at least and it was greeeeeeeeat. That night was rough though because they weren't able to find out if I could take sleeping pills until the next day. So I got little to no sleep that first night. Maybe about an hour of sleep at most. Though the pain medicine really helped me xD.

The next day I talked with a specialist. About another surgery because this was the second time having this happen. This procedure was called a VATs surgery. It was set to look inside and see if there was something called a "Bleb" that was causing the lung to collapse. After some thought...I mainly decided to go through with it because of 2 reasons. 1) I'm still on my parents insurance, so that really helps price wise, and 2) the specialist told me if I didn't take it, the chances of it happening a 3rd time would be even higher since it's happened twice now. I'd rather never have to go through this again. So if this surgery would help to prevent it from ever happening again then I'm glad to go through extra recovery time to prevent it.

So a few days later I went through the surgery. He....didn't see what he thought he would (the "Bleb"). So he took the secondary option we discussed. He basically took off some of the apex and used some kind of sandpaper like process to sort of seal the lung closer against the chest wall. So if this ever DID happen again, it would not fully collapse. It would only partially collapse. He changed the chest tube location in the surgery. So that was left in for another 3 days. That Friday he got back in and removed the chest tube. I was able to leave later that day after another x-ray to confirm it was still staying inflated. Luckily everything went well. I was discharged with restriction of lifting things and taking certain medications. Even now I still can't lift things like normal. It really stresses that side and hurts me enough to where I feel almost winded. So I take things a bit slower and easy still. Anyway, right now everything is still okay. I take medication to help ease the pain still. So don't worry much everyone! If you have any questions or something on it, feel free to ask! I don't mind

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  1. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Sure as heck didn't sound like fun, but I'm glad you're okay. So many times things go from bad to worse in hospitals. I'm not a fan of going into them even just as a visitor just because of possible risks of catching something.
  2. Bulbasaur's Avatar
    Sounds like you got pretty lucky. Thank God for that, man!
  3. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Glad it all worked out! That's awesome that the nurse was there. Hopefully it doesn't happen again now. Good to have you back! :D
  4. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Wow, the nurse being there and everything! O: Go Chakra! A collapsed lung sounds pretty scary. :c It's so good that you're okay. I really hope it doesn't happen again! Also omg, the word "bleb" is hilarious. XD