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What do I do about this?

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I have a history of false accusations. My most recent one was on It's associated with many other sites. I was asking a question about any content I could report and a pink mod ok'ed it. Then I mentioned another employee there who is Marriland on there, and a staff member put words in my mouth, and when I elaborated they deleted my thread and falsely accused me of trying to report that member for having me banned on marriland. That wasn't the case and I said nothing of the sort like that. These people think they can always get away with putting words in my mouth. I received a final warning pm that did not get shown on the curse site. I now have an email. I also have a couple screenshots of what I was trying to do and putting sympathy in something doesn't work. I wasn't complaining about any ban at all. I still have the police department investigating other things. When they ask me for more proof, I'll put some of the proof from the other computer on this one and then show them the proof from this computer. I was the only one who used this computer. And all my screenshots are in paint saved as a png file for later.

The email claimed the pm that was sent to me was "If you bring up anything about Marriland one more time in the forums, the user, the webstite, whatever, you'll be banned from here too. Just drop it. You've been warned plenty of times and you are still bringing it up. I'm sorry you got banned but you don't need to report the user Marriland for it. I deleted your thread because it's pointless and you seem like you can't get over your ban. Please, no more!"

So I didn't receive it and so I went to report a bug. My thread was deleted and they also deleted my thread for talking about my favorite cartoons. This is some serious bullying and now it doesn't involve any of my siblings being there and all I do is get in trouble. That Devin person rubbed stuff I already apologized for, hijacking a thread, but they left me no choice. I reported the employee over there. Then I was banned by someone. I was told earlier I could talk about anything so my thread about my favorite Cartoon Channel is also screenshotted in case it gets deleted so I have something to show to the police that I was trying to talk about something else and all they ever did was falsely accuse me or bully me. I was told here I can report anyone regardless of their position and on IRC that I could talk to anyone if they are caught flagging me because they think I meant something else when I only said one thing.

You may post your comments down below. I always seem to post in a hurry now.

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