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    Your tips for writing are really helping me craft this story that I've been working on for a while. Thank you! :D
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    You probably won't read this for a bit, but happy birthday! :D
  3. Hey Grassy :) Did you still want to resign? You don't have to, but if you would like to, let me know and I will remove you from the team. <3
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    They absolutely are :)
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    No worries!
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    Guess we'll have to keep looking then. Thanks!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Thanks Grassy!

    Also, do you happen to have (or know of) any stories with cover art (or art of any kind)?
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    Yup. One of mine wanders through the house crying at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. And one of the kittens is rather noisy, but not nearly as bad as that.
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Writing, Gaming, being evil, etc.
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So very frustrated at the unfair blame, and finally speaking out.

by Grassy_Aggron on 08-23-2014 at 04:29 AM
You know, it's really sad that my dear friend refuses to come on PXR. It's even more depressing when you realize it's because of something that happened back on Pe2k, that he gets blamed for with EVERYTHING.

The last WAR on Pe2k was a disaster. There is no denying that. But here's the thing - he didn't ruin the RP. It failed due to a variety of reasons - WAR leadership collapsed halfway through, the forum itself was unstable and prone to downtime, there were not enough active

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Wanting to Scream + Life Update

by Grassy_Aggron on 05-01-2014 at 12:10 AM
Some subjects are just so ridiculous, you question why there is a debate around them.

At least it's pouring rain right now. Hearing that helps calm my frazzled nerves.

In other news, my sister and her husband are up from California so there is that, because my stepfather is going to be inducted. The kittens got shots for an infection and are apparently overweight XD Sebastian is still ill, poor kitty. There has to be a reason.

I still

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Senior Moderator on my birthday

by Grassy_Aggron on 04-28-2013 at 05:52 AM
Happy 20th birthday to me, eh? Sure, this is written a little late, it's actually the 28th now instead of the 27th, but meh. I'm happy to be able to assist in any way possible, but at this current time, it seems having been switched to a Senior Moderator has actually limited what I can do. Such as pretty much the entire forum disappearing. With this said, I cannot even contribute to my guide, as I cannot even see it. So, until this problem is resolved, I am more or less useless to the team.

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