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  1. Hope you had a good nap xD
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    Is it okay if I ignore the Shiny Psyduck, or does Neith have to fight it? (Not planning on catching it, but if I leave it alone maybe someone else can?)
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    Yo I just saw your short Camo story thing, to be honest I have been working on a way for Rain/Raiden to get back into GCEA for a while now. I mostly whent the whole second chance thing but Im going with the idea that he Thinks that everything that happened in Delta was just a nightmare. but But he dossent remember anything about himself prior to "Falling asleep" So now he goes by a different name which is Edrian, I dont know if I can bring back his Espeon though but if Im allowed I would want to though this Reincarnation of Raiden has no shadow powers or at least I would assume that Arceus did something about that. So in short his second chance is basically a new identity though he has nightmares about Delta but have no idea who the people involved are and that he was the "bad guy" for some reason. at least thats what I have worked out so far. not sure if I will go trough with it yet.
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    Cool, no worries, break and enter rather than bait and switch! I can do that :)
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    I checked the calculator, and I'm one point shy (after making my escape post) of being able to evolve the one pokemon that can win me the battle. Would you prefer I wait until the next post afterwards, or have a "loan" of 1 point to do so?
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    Bitey came out to play! She is such a cute little Pokemon! Look at her playing with those Galatic grunts. What a good girl!
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    Ok. I apologize for that, and I was trying to avoid the retcon if at all possible. I do thank you for allowing me to do so, though.
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    Would an evolution in this point in the story carry over to the gym? I mean, that’s Tony’s only conceivable way to beat the gym, and at this point we’ve been out of Oreburgh for over an hour of in-game time. Like I said in my last visitor message to you, I didn’t think it would be worthwhile for me to put an attempt with the current state of my team.
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    Ok, also as I was making sure my trainer card was up-to-date I checked my post history and realized that at one point I didn't update my point total when copying one of my early posts, so I was one point short almost the entire game. I'm correcting my point total in the post I'm making. That being said, now that I look at my point total, there's no use in me even attempting the gym. I've got one hour of in-game time to earn 6 more points (including the one for making my catch-up post) to get a bibarel to win or even come close due to type advantage because I have no powered up pokemon and only one that doesn't have a weakness.
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