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    Yeah they were both on the GameCube (Adventure was on the Dreamcast first, but we all know what happened there). That's my favourite era of Sonic, probably because it's the one I grew up with. :3

    The demon sound test thing gave me nightmares for like a week when I first saw it, was such a random inclusion but that didn't stop it scarring me as a kid. :'(
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    Yeah that's definitely my favourite of the Classic games, but Mania, Adventure and Heroes are my absolute favourites. :D

    And CD's soundtrack is great! I like the JP/PAL one more than the US one (partially because it's the one I'm used to), but they've both got some pretty good ones. The US one is terrifying though. XD
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    Lol, it is rare to find people who can get the fluffy anime hair thing to look juuuust right IRL...but it's art, and that's free real estate to exaggerate a little.
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    Oh jeez, sorry, I can be kinda forgetful. Your art looks nice!

    I'm doing alright, how about you?
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    I'd be over the moon if they did a version of 3 & Knuckles with the Classic Heroes mechanics, to be honest with how skilled the fans are at doing stuff like that I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. :D
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    Ohhh fightin' Foogle, nice!
    I don't even know who Wormtail is. XD I just love rats, I have two pet rats, they're called Axl and Spider! I adore them! They're my sweet little rattie sons~ :3
    I am indeed a furry, the icons are my fursonas, Brinley and Tavita~ The art isn't mine though, only the designs. ^^
    I bought those commissions awhile back, from rainyartlady on DA, I think they're called something different now though.
    Of course I'm an animal fan, I'm a yeen on the internet. =p Uh, furry talk for Hyena. XD

    Ohh the games, I'm more of a fan of the characters, I didn't enjoy Sonic Mania at all... and I didn't enjoy Forces either. XD I LOVED Sonic CD though as well as Knuckles Chaotix, did you know that Chaotix is the rarest Sonic game out there?
    Sega has been making ALL KINDS of hints to my favorite Sonic game lately and I'm STOKED.
    So many Sonic Adventure references. XD
    Hard to believe that was so long ago now.

    How bout you? What's some stuff you like?
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    Sorry I forgot! Here's a screen cap of my hex codes.
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    Hiya friend!
    Nice to meet you, I'm Sahira! Just your average rat loving yeen!
    As I told Suicune, I rejoined cause I wanted to give this forum stuff a better shot, a fair one, and make friends to, right some wrongs while I'm at it. ^^
    I looked at your profile, I saw Sonic talk, you a fan? I LOVE Sonic, have since I was tinie!
    I look forward to posting and taking part in the events!.......when I get a keyboard XD
    Onscreen is hard to type on XD
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    I actually went by Magnezone a few years back, but I like how Magneton sounds more lol

    (also fun fact i dont actually use the magnezone line in games lmao the ground weakness scares me, especially when i remember my marshtomp on RSE KOing wattson's magneton with one mud shot LOL)
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    Yeah there's certainly some questionable game design at play, but I still appreciate that it introduced us to some of my favourite characters in the franchise. Charmy is broken though, even in Sonic Classic Heroes he's like that. XD
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Today is the very last day of Fortnite's 9th season, so i thought maybe i could review it and share my thoughts on how well it did! I'll be going over:
-New areas, What went away, and Functionalities (vehicles, etc)
-New Weapons
-The Battle Pass
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(please disregard/delete my thread i misposted lol XD ROFL)

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So basically i went to my great-grandmother's funeral this last friday, i had never been to a funeral before so i didn't know what was gonna happen. I went suit shopping with my dad Tuesday cuz my family (6 people btw, 2 parents, me, and my 3 siblings) planned to make a 6-hour drive from Florida (where i live) to Louisiana (our relative mother lode) for the procession. Baseline: JcPenny's sucked, Dillard's was a

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