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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulbasaur View Post
    Finally did research things and got my first legendary: Groudon! I'm know I'm so behind everyone and their shiny legends, but it's still cool to me. XD
    Hey that is really impressive! I don't have a Groudon yet so you beat me to it. That's a good legendary to use against raids I've heard too.

    Anyone managed to catch any of the newly released Unova mons yet? I've gotten some Pidove, Tepig, Snivy, Lilipup, and Patrat but not enough to fully evolve any of them yet. I did get a Unova stone the other day as well which I assume will be used for mons like Lampent and co.
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    I've managed to get nearly everything except the starters so far. I've seen them around, but they just won't spawn

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    I haven't played much since Gen 5 came out, but I do think I got Tepig.

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