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Thread: Playstation or Xbox?

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    Pretty sure we don't have one. xD I'm not social on my PS4 so I don't know what features they have like that.

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    Although I'm Team Nintendo all the way, I've always preferred Xbox over Playstation.
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    playstation has a lot more good exclusives than xbox in my oppinion, but xbox does have forza which is the best racing game i have played.. so i have an xbox that i use for forza and netflix. prooooobably gonna get a ps4 too someday when i can afford it in about a million years or so
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    I am always with the PlayStation. I played all my favorite game like Destiny 2, FIFA on the PlayStation 4.
    My elder brother has Xbox, he used to play on Xbox.

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    Honestly surprised at PlayStation blowing out Xbox.

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    Seeing as how I have never owned the XBox & its sequels, and games exclusively released on the XBox line mostly never gravitate toward me, my nomination goes to Playstation.
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