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Thread: VPP ~ Virtual Pokemon Pet

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    VPP ~ Virtual Pokemon Pet

    - Pokemon Trainer Sarah

    Old banner by Matt

    Welcome to the VPP, a time-honored activity of PE2K’s (and now PXR) where you raise a virtual Pokemon while you post on the forum. PE2K's thread
    Created by: The Elite Ygseto & Omis
    Getting Started

    Basic Mechanics
    • VPP Pokemon start out as an egg. They hatch after 15 posts are made and the hatched Pokemon starts at level 5.
    • VPP Pokemon gain a level every 3 posts, for a grand total of 200 posts to reach level 100.
    • VPP Pokemon evolve as normal if the Pokemon evolves via level up.
    • If the Pokemon evolves via special condition (such as evolutionary stone, trade, day/night, happiness...) it will evolve at level 40.
    • If the Pokemon already evolved by happiness or anything else, and evolves again with a stone, then it will evolve at level 80.
    • Once a VPP Pokemon reaches level 100, it is sent to your Hall of Fame and you may raise a new VPP.

    To join and receive your very own VPP, if you have at least 10 posts, just make a new post filling out the following form:
    Post Count:
    Northern or Southern Hemishpere:
    Simply fill that out in a new post in this thread and you should be all set.

    • Only talk about VPP here, there are other threads for chatting. If you go off topic here (or spam anywhere on PXR), you will be punished.
    • No cheating, obviously.
    • Don't copy/steal the VPP for your own or another forum.
    • You MUST have your Stats Thead labled so we know what Pokemon are used for what...which is a Master, what was used for Legendary or what was used for a Challenge.
    • You may not calculate your own VPP numbers.
    • No free VPPs based on your current post count.

    Punishments for breaking the rules include temporary and permanent suspension from the VPP. Typically, a warning is given prior to punishment.

    A temporary suspension from the VPP means you cannot level up, evolve or finish your VPP Pokemon until the decided number of posts is finished. You aren't allowed to post in this thread until then either. If the posts during your suspension period are deemed spam, expect the suspension to be extended.

    A permanent suspension from the VPP means you're banned forever. You forfeit your VPP and are no longer allowed to participate in VPP-related threads.

    Suspension List:

    Moderators: Kaoru, Speed-X, Caite-chan

    VPP Acceptors: Kaoru, Speed-X, Caite-chan

    First Steps
    After you have made a post in this thread with the completed form, it's up to waiting for an Acceptor or a Moderator to approve your application.
    After you have been accepted, you are recommended to make a post in the VPP Breeder Stats thread to track your progress and record your completed VPPs. It's recommended to place a link to your stats post in your signature. In addition you may choose to display your current VPP in your signature.

    As for Pokemon sprites, you are encouraged to check out the PXR Sprite Resource, but you are obviously allowed to let your creativity run free.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in this thread! (Though check out the next section first! )

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Q: How do I view my VPP stats in a single post?
    A: Click the bold and underlined number in the top right hand corner of your post. That will link you to a page with only that post.

    Q: How do I link to my VPP stats post in my signature?
    A: Copy the single post URL of your stats post and paste in into your signature. Before the URL, place the following segment of code: [URL="
    After the URL, place the following segment of code: "] Now you can put whatever you want to link to your post (text or an image). After you have that, add the last segment of code: [/URL]

    Q: Can I use a Pokemon as a requirement more than once?
    A: Yes, yes can. However, a Pokemon may not be re-used on the same set of requirements

    Q: If I have a dual-type VPP, what type does it count as when counting towards requirements?
    A: It counts for either type, you choose. However, a dual-type Pokemon only counts for one type in a set of requirements, not both.

    Q: Can my VPP be shiny/special colored?
    A: Yes, they can be shiny, and you can make your own recolors.

    Q: Can a Legendary be used to obtain another Legendary/other requirement Pokemon?
    A: Yes, once completed it can be used like a regular Pokemon for requirements.

    Special Pokemon
    There are certain Pokemon that have special requirements to obtain and raise. Some of these Pokemon also have their own set of mechanics that differ from regular VPPs.

    Legendary Pokemon
    • Legendary VPPs hatch at level 50 and gain a level every 5 posts. This means it takes a total of 250 posts to complete a Legendary (15 to hatch, 235 to reach level 100).
    • In order to raise a Legendary VPP, you must raise other Pokemon first. Each Legendary has a unique set of 3 type requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain the Legendary.
    • Ultra Beasts require at least ONE Legendary Pokemon.
    • You may reserve a Legendary via PMing Kaoru, Speed-X or Caite-chan once you have completed 2 of the 3 requirements. You may only reserve a Legendary if it will be your next VPP (THAT MEANS WORKING ON YOUR FINAL REQUIREMENT OR LAST OF 10 POKEMON BEFORE TAKING YOUR NEXT LEGENDARY). Once you have successfully completed the requirements for a Legendary, you may begin raising it.
    • When you have completed a Legendary Pokemon, you must finish 10 full VPPs until you can obtain another one.


    Articuno ~ 1 Flying, 1 Ice, 1 Water
    Zapdos ~ 2 Electric, 1 Flying
    Moltres ~ 2 Fire, 1 Flying
    Mewtwo ~ 3 Psychic
    Mew ~ 2 Psychic, 1 Ghost

    Raikou ~ 3 Electric
    Entei ~ 3 Fire
    Suicune ~ 3 Water
    Lugia ~ 2 Psychic, 1 Flying
    Ho-Oh ~ 2 Fire, 1 Flying
    Celebi ~ 2 Psychic, 1 Grass

    Regirock ~ 3 Rock
    Regice ~ 3 Ice
    Registeel ~ 3 Steel
    Latias ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Psychic
    Latios ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Psychic
    Kyogre ~ 3 Water
    Groudon ~ 3 Ground or 2 Ground, 1 Fire
    Rayquaza ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Flying
    Jirachi ~ 2 Psychic, 1 Steel
    Deoxys ~ 3 Psychic

    Uxie ~ 3 Psychic
    Mesprit ~ 3 Psychic
    Azelf ~ 3 Psychic
    Dialga ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Steel
    Palkia ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Water
    Heatran ~ 2 Steel, 1 Fire
    Regigigas ~ 1 Rock, 1 Steel, 1 Ice
    Giratina ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Ghost
    Cresselia ~ 3 Psychic
    Phione ~ 3 Water
    Manaphy ~ 3 Water
    Darkrai ~ 3 Dark
    Shaymin ~ 3 Grass
    Arceus ~ 3 Normal

    Victini ~ 2 Fire, 1 Psychic
    Cobalion ~ 2 Steel, 1 Fighting
    Terrakion ~ 2 Ground, 1 Fighting
    Virizion ~ 2 Grass, 1 Fighting
    Tornadus ~ 3 Flying
    Thundurus ~ 2 Electric, 1 Flying
    Reshiram ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Fire
    Zekrom ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Electric
    Landorus ~ 2 Ground, 1 Flying
    Kyurem ~ 2 Dragon, 1 Ice
    Keldeo ~ 2 Water, 1 Fighting
    Meloetta ~ 2 Normal, 1 Fighting
    Genesect ~ 2 Bug, 1 Steel

    Xerneas ~ 3 Fairy
    Yveltal ~ 2 Dark, 1 Flying [Claimed by Caite-chan]
    Zygarde ~ 2 Ground, 1 Dragon
    Diancie ~ 2 Rock, 1 Fairy
    Hoopa ~ 2 Psychic, 1 Ghost
    Volcanion ~ 2 Fire, 1 Water OR 2 Water, 1 Fire

    Solgaleo ~ 2 Steel, 1 Psychic
    Lunala ~ 2 Ghost, 1 Psychic
    Necrozma ~ 3 Psychic
    Magearna ~ 2 Steel, 1 Fairy
    Marshadow ~ 2 Fighting, 1 Ghost

    Alola - Ultra Beasts:
    Nihilego ~ 2 Rock, 1 Poison
    Buzzwole ~ 2 Bug, 1 Fighting
    Pheromosa ~ 2 Fighting, 1 Bug
    Xurkitree ~ 3 Electric
    Celesteela ~ 2 Steel, 1 Flying
    Kartana ~ 2 Grass, 1 Steel
    Guzzlord ~ 2 Dark, 1 Dragon

    To reserve and obtain a Legendary once you meet the requirements, please PM Kaoru, Speed-X or Caite-chan with a link to your VPP Breeder Stats post.

    Pairs & Sets
    Some Pokemon have the option to come in pairs or sets. A pair of Pokemon takes 3 posts to level up, for a total of 300 posts instead of 400 to do them separately. Pairs and sets all count as a single VPP for requirements and completed VPP totals.
    Solrock & Lunatone, Illumise & Volbeat, Gorebyss & Huntail, Ninjask & Shedinja, Slowbro & Slowking, Poliwrath & Politoed, Vileplume & Bellossom, Beautifly & Dustox, Plusle & Minun, Butterfree & Beedrill, Wormadam & Mothim, West Gastrodon & East Gastrodon, Magikarp & Feebas, Solosis & Gothita, Spritzee & Swirlix, Clauncher & Skrelp, Inkay & Binacle, Tyrunt & Amaura, Pumpkaboo & Phantump

    Some pairs/sets have special requirements, listed below.
    Cradily & Armaldo - Req : 1 Rock
    3 Tyrouges (Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop) - Req : 2 Fighting
    Nidoran Male & Nidoran Female - Req : 1 Poison or 1 Ground
    Omastar & Kabutops - Req : 1 Rock or 1 Water
    Espeon & Umbreon - Req : 1 Psychic or 1 Dark
    Leafeon & Glaceon - Req : 1 Grass or 1 Ice
    Tauros & Miltank - Req : 1 Normal
    Froslass & Glalie - Req : 1 Ice
    Gallade & Gardevoir - Req : 1 Psychic
    Bastiodon & Rampardos - Req : 1 Rock
    Hippopotas(M) & Hippopotas(F) - Req : 1 Ground
    Red-Striped Basculin & Blue-Striped Basculin - Req : 1 Water
    Escavalier & Accelgor - Req : 1 Bug
    Sawk & Throh - Req : 1 Fighting
    Spritzee & Swirlix - Req : 1 Fairy
    Clauncher & Skrelp - Req : 1 Water
    Inkay & Binacle - Req : 1 Dark or 1 Rock
    Tyrunt & Amaura - Req : 1 Rock
    Pumpkaboo & Phantump - Req : 1 Ghost

    If you have already completed one VPP from a pair and you wish to complete the pair, make a post claiming so. The second VPP will level up each post and will only take 100 posts to complete (5 to hatch at level 5, 95 to reach level 100).

    Master Pokemon
    Once you have completed 10 full VPPs (not including Baby Pokemon), you reach VPP Master Status. When you reach this status, you may choose one of any Pokemon (other than a Legendary or a Pair/Set) to add to your completed collection without any post requirement. These Master Pokemon may count towards the 10 VPPs between Legendary Pokemon. For every 10 full VPPs you complete, you may obtain another Master Pokemon.

    Baby Pokemon
    Certain Pokemon qualify as Baby Pokemon in the VPP. These Pokemon do not evolve but only require 100 posts to complete. They do not count towards requirements and you need to have completed at least one previous VPP to raise one.
    Aron, Azurill, Bonsly, Budew, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chespin, Chikorita, Chimchar, Chingling, Cleffa, Cyndaquil, Deerling, Eevee, Elekid, Emolga, Fennekin, Froakie, Geodude, Happiny, Igglybuff, Lillipup, Luvdisc, Magby, Magnemite, Mantyke, Mime Jr., Minun, Mudkip, Munchlax, Oddish, Oshawott, Pichu, Piplup, Poliwag, Plusle, Riolu, Skitty, Smoochum, Snivy, Squirtle, Teddiursa, Tepig, Togepi, Torchic, Totodile, Treecko, Turtwig, Tympole, Tyrogue, Wynaut

    Keep in mind you can always take normal VPPs of these Pokemon as well.

    Unown are special and require only 100 posts to complete. To raise one, you must have first raised one other VPP. Unown may be used towards requirements, but only 1 Unown may be used in each set. Only 1 Unown counts towards the 10 VPPs you must complete before raising another Legendary and towards Master Status.
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    Always nice to have a challenge right? You can do one or you can do all. And more will be added as time goes on.

    • You can use your VPP's towards both challenges and Legendary Pokemon but only ONCE. Example: If you use Carnivine for the Team Rocket James challenge you can NOT use it for any other challenge.
    • To complete a challenge you need to raise 6 Pokemon. Some challenges may have more but you only need to raise 6 Pokemon.
    • Fully evolved Pokemon will count. Example: You have an Arcanine but James only had a Growlithe. Arcanine still counts because you in theory raised a Growlithe.
    • Complete a challenge will earn you ONE free Non-Legendary/Ultra Beast Pokemon.

    Team Rocket:
    James: Victreebel, Amoonguss, Weezing, Yamask, Chimecho, Growlithe, Inkay, Mime. Jr & Carnivine
    Jessie: Arbok, Dustox, Woobat, Lickitung, Frillish, Gourgeist, Yanmega, Seviper, Wobbuffet & Mimikyu

    Team Aqua:
    Crawdaunt, Walrein, Sharpedo, Sealeo, Lanturn & Muk

    Team Magma:
    Camerupt, Mightyena, Crobat, Houndoom, Rhydon & Aggron

    Pikachu, Noctowl, Torkoal, Gliscor, Krookodile & Noivern

    Steelix, Geodude, Forretress, Ludicolo, Sudowoodo & Croagunk

    Starmie, Politoed, Corsola, Horsea, Togetic & Psyduck

    Eeveelution Master:
    Raise 6 Eeveelutions

    Legendary Master:
    Raise 6 Legendary Pokemon

    Welcome to Alola:
    Raise 6 Alolan version Pokemon

    High Above the Clouds:
    Raise 6 Flying types.

    Stop and Smell the Flowers:
    Raise 6 Grass types.

    Howl at the Moon:
    Raise 6 Dark types.

    Hotter than the Sun:
    Raise 6 Fire types.

    Under the Sea:
    Raise 6 Water types.

    Fists of Fury:
    Raise 6 Fighting types.

    Creepy Crawlers:
    Raise 6 Bug types.

    Cold Hearted:
    Raise 6 Ice types.

    Metal Worker:
    Raise 6 Steel types.

    Strike Down Like a Thunderstorm:
    Raise 6 Electric types.

    Playing In the Dirt:
    Raise 6 Ground types.

    Like All the Others:
    Raise 6 Normal types.

    Smells Like Garbage:
    Raise 6 Poison types.

    Gone Mental:
    Raise 6 Psychic types.

    Legendary Trainer:
    Raise 6 Dragon types.

    Souls of the Damned:
    Raise 6 Ghost types.

    Cute Little Pokemon:
    Raise 6 Fairy types.

    Raise 6 Rock types.

    Seasonal Pokemon
    Here you can raise Pokemon for only 175 posts. The catch is it depends on what season it is. Duel Pokemon do NOT count for double it's one or the other. Two seasons will go at once. For example Summer for the Northern hemisphere and Winter for the Southern hemisphere. Also Legendaries do NOT count for this.

    Summer: (June, July, August --- December, January, February)
    Fire, Ground, Electric, Poison, Steel

    Fall/Autumn: (September, October, November --- March, April, May)
    Dark, Rock, Dragon, Ghost

    Winter: (December, January, February --- June, July, August)
    Ice, Fairy, Water, Psychic, Normal

    Spring: (March, April, May --- September, October, November)
    Grass, Bug, Flying, Fighting
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    You may now post~
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    Scraggy at 4698 please. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulbasaur View Post
    Scraggy at 4698 please. :)
    [email protected]
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    Scrafty: 4815
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    Let's go with Corphish @4,448!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
    Let's go with Corphish @4,448!
    Corphish @ 4,448
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    Level100: 4,748
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    A little announcement! We've decided to lower the number of posts needed to complete certain types of VPPs. The changes are:

    -Regular VPP now take a total of 200 posts instead of 300 posts to complete.
    -Pairs now take 300 posts instead of 400 posts to complete.
    -Unown now need 100 posts to complete.
    -Legendaries now take 250 posts to complete.
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    I shall start with [email protected]

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