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Thread: Do You Use the Mobile Site?

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    Do You Use the Mobile Site?

    Hi everyone! Just looking for a bit of feedback regarding the forum mobile site, so it'd be handy if you could all cast a vote. :D

    When you use your mobile to browse the forum, do you generally use the default vBulletin mobile theme, the Tapatalk app, or just visit the full site? If you want to explain your answer, please make a post in this thread!

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    I use desktop all of the time now, but when my PC was bad a couple of years ago, I looked at the full site on Chrome, rather than any alternatives. I don't think I even knew there were alternatives. :P

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    Full Site, because dark themes are better. Plus, i don't like the layout of the mobile.

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    Full site on my browser! I had tapatalk for a while but I find it way easier just to use the full site.

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    I use the full site on mobile. It's plenty mobile-friendly, and it just...makes more sense to me. I dislike the mobile layout, personally.

    You ought to ask @Trainer17 tho; I'm PRETTY SURE he uses Tapatalk ;D
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    Same as the others, I just stick with the full site. Everything is there and there's no problems with it even while I'm on my phone.

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    So technically I am on a phone probably 40% of the time but I use the desktop version because it's easier to navigate.
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    I also use the full site on mobile. I dislike the mobile one. xD

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    I'm with everyone else I use the full site on my phone. I just think it's much easier.
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    I use the full site as well. Far easier for me to find everything.


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