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  • Eevee

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  • Vaporeon

    4 11.11%
  • Jolteon

    7 19.44%
  • Flareon

    4 11.11%
  • Espeon

    0 0%
  • Umbreon

    9 25.00%
  • Leafeon

    4 11.11%
  • Glaceon

    4 11.11%
  • Sylveon

    4 11.11%
  • None

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Thread: Favorite Eeveelution

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    Flareon all the way! I've always loved that furball, even if its stats and attacks are useless for competitive battles. xD It's just so cute!

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite Eeveelution is Glaceon. I first started to notice how cool (cx) it really was back when I used mine in Revolution. She was on fire (cx), simply put, in her worst fights, she always managed to take a foe down before falling herself. Being Ice was a bonus in my books (Ice is my favorite type now), and the design the more time went on, the more I liked it. Graceful, elegant, cute and... cool (okay, I used that before, but c'mon!).
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    I'll admit I used to like Umbreon a lot since it was a Dark-type, but Glaceon when it was introduced COMPLETELY turned that around! Glaceon drew me more to the Ice-type and without a doubt it is my favorite Eeveelution, second being Umbreon.

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    I luffs me some flareon! As we probably all know. XD


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    wait... Sylveon? what is this slyveon of which you speak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonmaster715 View Post
    wait... Sylveon? what is this slyveon of which you speak?
    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but

    (Incase you don't want X and Y news)

    Sylveon is a new eeveelution
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    GOSH DANGIT, I tried voting for Glaceon, but got Sylveon by accident RAGE D<

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    I kinda feel bad for Espeon. She's so great but it's hard to win in a pool of eeveelutions.

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    Umbreon for life.

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    Im glad to see Umbreon has the lead! Coolest looking Eeveeultion hands down.

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