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Thread: Your favorite Ghost-type

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    Your favorite Ghost-type

    For me, aside of the obvious Froslass, I'm also fond of Gengar and Lunala; I also like Jellicent, it was a beast in gen5 OU, pity it's not viable in OU anymore...

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    My favourite ghost type.. too many (ghost is my favourite type overall.) If I had to choose, definitely Mimikyu, although I didn't really like it's gimmick, when I started using it, it became my favourite. It has a really strong ability and I think the type is really good. I'm really hoping for either a new form or an evolution in USUM where it shows it's true form, and I feel like it's ability could change from disguise, to an ability that automatically gives all opposing Pokemon the badly poisoned status due to the canon that anyone who sees it's true form gets severely ill. That will also help it against Steel types that can do some real damage.
    Other than Mimikyu, another favourite is shiny Mega Gengar. That thing is so pretty. haha.

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    Mimikyu, definitely. It's adorable, has a nice unique typing, a very cool Ability, and an endearing backstory.

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    Favorite Ghost type... Giratina. Without a doubt. Unique and somewhat amusing typing, and yet it is still a kick*** skeletal dragon centipede and I love it.
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    Gengar. A classic and someone I've always tried to get on my team in most games. I love its design.

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    I would have to go with Rotom as my favorite ghost type because it has several types it can change into.
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    Gengar, without a doubt. I always use one on my team and it was icing on the cake for me when they added in mega Gengar. :D

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    Undoubtedly Mimikyu is my favorite ghost type. It is part of one of my pokesonas after all! I love its gimmick and while it may never happen I'd love to see them give the little guy more costumes just for fun. It's also my favorite Pokémon to play with in Pokémon Refresh! IT GIVES HIGH FIVES!!! AND ITS EAR WOBBLES!!

    Prior to Mimikyu though… hm… I never really was big on ghost types. Like, I liked them, but most of them time they weren't going to make my favorites list. I think my favorite until Gen 4 was Haunter. Then I ran into Dusknoir and that took Haunter's spot. And then Gen 5 came along and Lampent/Chandelure took Dusknoir's spot. And then Gen 6 came along and PUMPKABOO! So yeah. Also really like Decidueye, the Aegislash line, Lunala, Oricorio, and Alolan Marowak.
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    Marshadow. I fell in love with its cute design soon after it was announced. I also love its unique Ghost/Fighting type, I can't wait to obtain one once the event is released.

    Other than Marshadow, Giratina is a close 2nd.

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    This is a bit hard because ghost is one of my favorite types. If they made a ghost eevee evolution, it would be that. But my favorite has to be sableye. Sableye was actually based of an American legend, the Kelly hopkinsville goblins.


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