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Thread: Type combinations you'd like to see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow-Jolteon View Post
    I remember when we all thought the Goomy line and Vibrava/Flygon would be this combination. I'd also be willing to argue that Yanmega could have been a viable candidate for this type combo (because "dragonfly"... yeah, yeah. It's not creative but still)
    I think Yanmega should have been bug/dragon. Ah well.

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    (This post counts for the PXR User Ultimate Challenge.)

    I would really like to see a Grass/Fire type Pokemon because I'm a Grass-type Pokemon and Fire is the only type that hasn't been paired with Grass yet. <3

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    I'm seconding the Bug/Dragon and Dark/Fairy- the later one especially, as the Ghost/Fairy type they made was a huge hit and I feel that Dark/Fairy could be just as good.

    Beyond that, I'd like more Dark/Poison types as they really work well together, and some Poison/Psychics or Poison/Fairy.


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