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    Pokemon Crossroads Community Rules

    Pokemon Crossroads Community Rules

    The community rules are designed to ensure that members of the community respect each other and create an enjoyable experience for everyone. These rules are the guidelines with which we expect every member to uphold, and failure to uphold these rules will lead to an infraction and maybe a ban from the forums. Please also bear in mind that some forums may have extra rules, so bear this in mind before posting in certain forums. Below is a list of the Community Rules, with the amount of infraction points and also the expiration date of the infraction points.

    If you have any suggestions or questions about the forum rules, please contact a member of the senior forum team.

    Once you're finished reading through the rules, feel free to check out Things to do at Pokemon Crossroads!

    The following points will not always result in immediate infraction points; rather, they have the potential to if the offender persists or refuses to listen to a request from staff to cease their behaviour. The following format will be used:
    Type of Offence - number of infraction points that the offence warrants/ the duration that those points will remain against your name before they expire

    SPAM - 2 Points/ 2 months
    SPAM is classed as Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, which may have no relevance to the topic at hand and will be removed.

    Trolling - 2 Points/ 2 months
    Trolling is considered as someone who posts a deliberately provocative message with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

    Avoid Double Posts
    Use the edit function to edit into your previous post. Some forums may allow the use of double posting, however please check before making a double post.

    Use of Foul Language - 2 Points/ 2 months
    Pokemon Crossroads is a forum for everyone and therefore we are strict on foul language. Many words are blocked by our censors. Trying to avoid the filter will earn you an infraction. Creative works may have foul language as long as warnings are in place. Use of foul language directed at another person will earn you an infraction. Please do not use words which may offend people, for example: using 'gay' in a derogatory manner.

    Advertising on the forum - 3 Points/ 3 months
    Posting with the sole intent of advertising another website/forum can only be done in the Advertising Thread. Advertising websites/forums through PM/VM/blog comments is spam and is not allowed.

    Use of Sockpuppet Accounts - 3 Points/ 3 months
    Each user is allowed one account when they sign up to Pokemon Crossroads. Any other account which has been created by the same user, will be removed and the user will receive the infraction. If you wish to create a new account to start fresh from, please contact a member of senior staff and they will talk through the procedure. Any user found creating another account to evade a ban, will be banned for lifetime.

    Selling Goods - 4 Points/ 4 months
    Pokemon Crossroads is not liable for any transaction that happens between two members. Discussion about pricing and selling items is fine, given that any further negotiations is taken away from the forum. Selling Pokemon over WiFi is prohibited as well as selling any illegal content.

    Plagiarism - 4 Points/ 4 months
    Plagiarism is considered when someone uses another users piece of work without the authority of the owner and claiming that it's your work. Users who have been caught, will be infracted and the stolen work will be removed from the forum. Remember to cite exactly where/who you received a piece of reference material from if posting it on the board.

    Insulting and Harassing other Members (Flaming) - 4 Points/ 4 months
    All members of Pokemon Crossroads should be respected in the right manner. Any remarks or posts which may threaten, harass or insult other members are prohibited. Any discriminatory religious, racial, or sexual remarks are also prohibited. Should you be involved in a conflict, please do not react and instead report it to a member of the forum staff.

    Distribution and Discussion of Illegal Content - 6 Points/ 4 months
    Illegal Content involves links to streams of television programs, movies, downloaded games (including raw ROMs) and music download streams. Any threads or posts in which a member is looking for or sharing this content will be removed and the user infracted.

    SHARING LINKS to ROM downloads is not allowed. DISCUSSION of ROMs is okay. Links to places like PokeCommunity ROM hack project threads are okay, because you cannot download ROMs from there (at least, you're not meant to be able to). You may post a project you are working on for ideas and feedback, but linking to a download is not allowed.

    Use of Pornographic Images - 25 Points/ Lifetime
    Pornographic images are prohibited on the forum and any user found posting and displaying them, will be banned.

    Any users which has been found to repeat offensives, will receive a greater infraction penalty at the discretion of the forum staff.

    Infraction System

    The infraction system is in place to ban certain members who have achieved certain amount of Infraction Points. If a member breaks one of the rules, they maybe issued with an infraction point depending on their offence. If you accumulate enough points, you will be issued a temporary ban which has an expiry date. Infraction Points do not disappear straight after a ban and they carry on until they expire, which can be found next to the number of Infraction Points. There are two types of warnings that a user maybe issued.

    Warning - Usually for first time offences and will not be issued Infraction Points

    Infraction - Issued to members who have already received a warning or for a more serious offence.

    After accumulating a certain amount of Infraction Points, you maybe issued a ban. Below is a list of the amount of Infraction Points and their respected bans.

    • Members who have accumulated 6 Points or more will be banned for 2 weeks
    • Members who have accumulated 12 Points or more will be banned for a month
    • Members who have accumulated 18 Points or more will be banned for 2 months
    • Members who have accumulated 25 Points or more will be banned for lifetime

    Site Conduct

    When posting on the main site, there are a couple of guidelines to understand before submitting or posting on the site. Any member which has been found to disobey the guidelines, may find their forum account banned or infracted. If you have any questions about the site conduct, feel free to contact any senior site member.


    Comments must abide to PG standards, as our content is viewable by all age groups, races, and religious groups. Hate speech toward any persons, races, age groups, religious groups, or works will not be tolerated and will be removed.

    Profane, rude, hateful, hostile, flaming, spamming, advertising, or derogatory comments are unacceptable will be removed immediately. Our community as well as our site does not discriminate against any persons of any kind, and such material will be removed and poster disciplined. Spam and advertisements are pointless and vexatious, and will be removed. Comments that negatively target another person's opinions or the contributor's work will be removed and poster dealt with accordingly.*

    Hostile comments toward another person or piece of work will also be removed. If you do not favor the work, then do not comment.*


    When submitting works, it must be no farther in rating than PG-13. Cursing, derogatory, rude, or works of poor audio and or visual quality are not favorable.*

    Do not ask a contributor personally to feature your works on the site. When going to submit, do so on the main site, not the forum, by email, or any other means. Not all submissions will be featured, so please do not continually submit identical works.*

    Submissions must be topic-relevant. Therefore, all submissions must contain aspects of Pokemon. Irrelevant submissions will not be featured.

    Avatar and Signature Restrictions

    To accommodate users that have slower internet connections, all avatars and signatures must be reasonable in height, width, and file size.

    Member avatars have the following restriction in place:

    • The maximum size for Avatars is 150x150px and 100kB.
    • Avatars must adhere to all Pokemon Crossroads forum rules, which include, but are not limited to the following: no foul language, derogatory, sexual, prejudice, or otherwise inappropriate content displayed in the image itself, whether it be in the graphic or text.

    Member signatures have the following restrictions in place:

    • Signatures, including images and spoilers in the signature, must be a maximum of 400 pixels in height and 600 pixels in width.
    • Signatures must adhere to all Pokemon Crossroads forum rules, which include, but are not limited to the following: no foul language, derogatory, sexual, prejudice, or otherwise inappropriate content displayed in the image itself, whether it be in the graphic or text.

    For those members that are concerned whether or not their signatures or avatars fit the specifications, please contact a member of staff for clarification.

    If you break these restrictions your signature/avatar may be deleted without warning.
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