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    TELL ME!!!

    I played another day game on Saturday and I played Vletiznahv Kolyetya, or Vlet, a "Russian" bugbear barbarian who used to have a slave trade business. XD But he wasn't so good at running a business, so he eventually lost all his slaves and now owes a bunch of people money. He was very fun to play, with an average intelligence but a Wisdom score of 4. Which was a -3 to everything Wisdom based. XD He took most things literally and was very good at smashing things with his greataxe.

    The game went for 13.5 hours, and descended into chaos when one of the PCs began attacking the other, because the other murdered one of the ship's crew and the other PC was not happy. XD This happened while my character and two others were having a discussion in another room (technically another dimension) so we all came out to see absolute chaos on the ship's deck. We had to cut the session at the end of that fight because it was 1am and we needed to go home. XD So it's gonna be a two-parter!

    We also recorded the session for the party member who couldn't make it, so I'm in the process of editing it before I send it to her. xD

    So I played a forest gnome bard that has an obsession with sounds (sound like someone?). She and two others went to try out for an adventurer's guild, and we ended up having to fight the guildmaster as a test (who was downscaled to level 3, of course). We ended up only getting hit once (which almost wiped us out anyway), but we won! Then we partied with the rest of the guild. One of the NPCs that got accepted into the guild as well is pretty much a scene boy. XD So that was fun. We left off deciding to go on a quest with a goblin druid that is probably a stoner.

    Also one of our characters is a vegan monk. Thought you might like that. XD

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