I am indeed still around xD I mainly just lurk. I will be continuing with both of my series' very soon! I have a couple completed as of right now but I wanted to try a upload schedule. I will want to complete my next 10 comics for each series before posting my next one on here.Why? It's just backup just in-case i can't work on any for X amount of time and not keep you guys in the shadows lol..

Update on life stuff:

Life is going alright. I have a job which is good xD (Even though it's the same job i have been at since 2016) but im actually trying to either A) find a full time or B) get another part time. I will need money to eventually move out and fund schooling which should start for me this upcoming August. Probably the 27th.

I could probably keep going if i wanted to but I don't want to annoy you guys with a block of text.

TLDR; The comic series should be arriving shortly again and i thank you all for your patience! I appreciate the support.