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    Episode 35: Top Down Training

    Brund uses Flash Cannon...but Shenlong blocks it! a familiar TV announcer reported. Onscreen, a purple dragon Pokemon blocked a bright flash from Lucian's Bronzong.

    "Whoa!" Ash gasped as the purple dragon Pokemon flew skyward, its body surrounded by spiraling orange streaks. At the peak of its flight, a purple energy sphere surrounded the dragon Pokemon's body. It next streaked down to slam into the Bronzong. "What was that?"

    "That was Giga Impact--it was what that Aerodactyl Mars and Jupiter released used." Brock explained. "One of the more powerful Normal moves."

    "That Pokemon's that the famous Cynthia Lucian told us about?" Ash asked as the TV displayed a blonde haired girl shaking hands with Lucian.

    "That's her. If you wanna meet her, I've been hearing rumors that she is in someplace called Amity Square." Dawn replied.

    "Speaking of which...Tarina doing okay after we found her in your bag?" Ash asked.

    "Yeah--spent the rest of the way to Hearthome on my shoulder gawking at the scenery." Brock smiled.

    He looked over to see Tarina dozing on the couch's left arm. "But she's likely tired from the trip, so I'll let her nap for the time being."

    "The battle's over, so you can switch it to something else." Dawn offered. "The Cartoon Channel is on channel 46, in case Tarina wakes up and wants to watch something."

    After setting the TV to the channel, Brock nudged the dozing Pichu on the couch. "Hey...we're going to explore the city for a while. If you need anything, ask Nurse Joy or any of the Chanseys, okay?

    [Okay...] Tarina replied with a yawn as Ash led the others outside.


    "So this is Amity Square..." Dawn mused as the group arrived at the gate of a large park-like area some time later. "It's beautiful..."

    The attendant smiled when she saw Tintri and Kori. "Go on in...this is a fun and safe environment for all Pokemon to play together."

    "Thanks." Ash replied before noticing a huge crowd near the center of the park. "I guess those rumors of Cynthia being here are true..."

    He then spotted Paul in the crowd. "Hey, over here!" he called, waving a hand to get Paul's attention.

    Paul looked over and sighed. "What do you want, Wonder-Boy?"

    "I've gotten two Badges since our last meeting." Ash smiled. "I'm many have you gotten?"

    "Why should I go around earning cheap trinkets?" Paul muttered as he eyed a familiar blond haired girl in black clothing signing autographs near an ice cream truck. "I only care about getting stronger. If I can take down Cynthia over there, even better."

    He then approached Cynthia. "Milady...I hereby challenge you to a battle."

    Gasps went up from the crowd at this. "Not just any battle...I want to see your full strength in a complete six on six match."

    There was an awkward silence for a moment as the crowd waited to see what Cynthia would do. "Okay...but I'm warning you--I'm not some youngster by the roadside." Cynthia cautioned.

    She looked around. "Is there anyone with a whistle or some other signal?"

    "I'll referee, if you'd like." Brock offered as Cynthia lead Paul to one of the many battle arenas drawn in the dirt.


    A whistle rang through Amity Square signalling the battle was underway. "Shenlong, here we go!" Cynthia called as she summoned the large purple dragon Pokemon from before.

    Ash took a moment to read up on the dragon Pokemon as Paul summoned Goku:

    "Garchomp, the mach Pokemon. It is said that when one runs at high speed, its wings create blades of wind that can fell nearby trees."

    "Oh my..." Dawn gasped when she heard the Pokedex info. "Paul may be in over his head..."

    "Goku, start with Fire Spin, then Dig underground!" Paul commanded.

    He did not notice that Shenlong had burrowed underground, making the Fire Spin miss. A few moments later, the huge Garchomp and the Chimchar collided, sending the Chimchar flying. "Goku! I thought we had a chance to trap the Garchomp!"

    Ash motioned for Cynthia to listen as Paul continued ranting. "Are you the only one with a sick feeling right now?"

    "I'm more than sick. I have half a mind to stop the battle right now and tell him he has no right to berate his Chimchar like that." Cynthia replied. "He's so focused on raw power, he doesn't take tactics or strategy into account."

    Paul summoning a new Pokemon snapped her back to attention. "Okuni, let's go!"

    "A Weavile..." Dawn mused. She admired the black mammalian Pokemon with a magenta hood before Shenlong.

    "Chill the Garchomp with a Blizzard!" Paul commanded.

    The crowd shivered from the swirling snow that engulfed the battlefield. But both Cynthia and Shenlong looked unfazed. [Now?] Shenlong purred.

    Cynthia nodded, and showed the crowd an onyx ring on her left hand. Aran ya haquin khetsaram...

    Ash balked as Shenlong was engulfed in a blackish purple light. "No way...Garchomp can Mega Evolve too?" he gasped as Shenlong glowed cyan, then sent the Weavile flying in a massive explosion.

    "Look here..." Dawn pointed out a MORE... icon under the picture of Garchomp on Ash's Pokedex screen.

    "Garchomp is capable of Mega Evolution if its trainer has awakened their Heart Song." the Pokedex reported. The now Mega Garchomp slammed into a Murkrow with Giga Impact.

    "Demeter, let's go!" Paul then summoned a large turtle Pokemon that appeared to have a forest on its back. "Use Giga Drain!"

    Ash read up on the massive turtle Pokemon as the exhausted Mega Garchomp had some energy drained out of it by a bright green light.

    "Torterra, the continent Pokemon. Groups of this Pokemon migrating in search of water have been mistaken for 'moving forests'."

    "Demeter, try Frenzy Plant!" Paul's voice snapped Ash back to the battle.

    The crowd braced for the whirling tornado of leaves, flowers, and wind. But when the dust cleared, cheers filled the air when they saw Shenlong defending with his fins! "" Paul demanded.

    "Shenlong, use Brick Break." Cynthia commanded.

    Paul winced from the impact of the attack on his Torterra's head. "That's it...I withdraw from the match."

    "No contest! Pearl has withdrawn." Brock announced, to angry shouts from the crowd.

    "You may want to do something before things get ugly..." Dawn whispered as she watched the protests, jeers, taunts, and teasing escalate.

    Brock nodded, and blew his whistle again. "Everyone, please! If someone wishes to withdraw from a match, that is their choice and their right."

    "While I don't agree with many of Paul's methods, he still put in a heroic effort." Ash agreed. "It takes a lot of bravery and guts to face a Mega Pokemon. That being said, sometimes the better part of valor is discretion. This is what Paul did here. It's not cowardice--he knew he would likely lose, and cut his loses so he could battle another day."

    Dawn smiled as the crowd applauded Ash's speech. "You should speak in public more often--you have a way with words!"

    Paul, meanwhile, approached Cynthia as the crowd turned to leave. "I clearly underestimated you. I'll have to train even more before we meet again in the arena."

    "I have no qualms about you withdrawing." Cynthia replied. "But you need to get your team to a Pokemon Center as soon as possible."

    She winced when she got a text on her PokeNav. "Hearthome Pokemon Center at full capacity, please go elsewhere for Pokemon care..."

    After unzipping her bag, she started laying out some Pokemon care items on the ground. "Here...I'll heal your team."


    "There we go..." Cynthia smiled as she finished healing Paul's team some time later. "They're all well trained, especially your Torterra."

    The stern look on Paul's face softened a little. "Thanks...Demeter was my very first Pokémon. I traveled around Kanto, Johto, and Houen first. This is where I got my Murkrow Mystic and my Weavile, Okuni. When I didn't do so hot at any of the Leagues, I came home to Shinou, where I got Goku, my Chimchar."

    "Goku was very brave to face Shenlong like he did..." Cynthia smiled.

    "Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact he lost to your Garchomp." Paul muttered.

    "But how were you to know that Shenlong would also use Dig?" Ash spoke up. "There was no reason to yell at Goku for something out of your control!"

    "Your point?" Paul asked, looking over at Ash.

    "Answer me this...why do you not care about your Pokémon?" Ash asked.

    "Because then my Pokémon will get spoiled; and not try hard enough in battle." Paul replied. "Goku was the perfect example."

    "If that were true, then how could Cynthia have induced Shenlong before?" Ash asked. "Mega Evolution is the ultimate display of love and trust between trainer and Pokemon. If you want to see that sort of power, you have to support your Pokémon."

    Paul sighed. "Look, all I want to do is become stronger, Wonder-Boy. And love gets in the way of that goal."

    Cynthia watched as Paul departed. "It seems the two of you have a history. But your point is truer than you think."

    She led the group further into the park, where a stone tablet stood. "See if you recognize the message on this tablet."

    With that, she read "I open my heart to reveal a secret power, which I promise to use to end evil's rule. The song in my heart becomes this power. Will I fight even to the end? Yes."

    "That's the meaning of the Swanna Song." Ash replied.

    Cynthia nodded. "Before I saw that message, I used to train endlessly. Then I discovered that all Pokémon have different personalities; and I wanted to get to know them all."

    "Aw..." Brock smiled.

    "So, where are you going now?" Dawn asked.

    "I'm heading for Celestic Town, to the north." Cynthia replied. "The ancient ruins there are said to hold the Lustrous Orb, which is related to the legendary Pokémon Palkia. The Lustrous Orb is in turn related to the Adamant Orb, which is currently on display in Eterna City."

    She smiled at the group. "I wish you three good luck on your travels, and hope we meet again soon."

    To Be Continued...
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