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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 45: Bibarel Gnaws Best!

    "According to the guidebook, we should be getting to Solaceon Town in another day or so..." Brock mused.

    He was about to say more when he noticed an incomplete bridge in the distance. "Uh oh...we may have to turn back..."

    "Well, you can always ask the foreman--or forewoman--if it is safe to pass, or where an alternate route is." Dawn suggested.

    She noticed Brock eying the forewoman, a green haired girl. "Remember you have Tarina here, so you need to set a good example for her."

    "Okay..." Brock replied.

    He approached the work area, where he caught the tail end of a conversation. "Isis, you've proven to be a very reliable worker so far. We hope you can come through for us despite the delay."

    "You're being too nice to her!" a heavy-set man complained. "If this setback delays the bridge opening, what will people think? We'll lose business, and we won't get any more jobs!"

    "One delay is not the end of the world..." Ash muttered.

    "So long as there is a bridge to get them from point A to point B, who cares about who built it?" Dawn agreed.

    About then, the green haired woman noticed the group. "Oh, were you needing to get across?"

    "Forgive us for eavesdropping...Isis, was it?" Ash began. "We need to know if we can find a way across here."

    "Or if we can solve what's causing your delay." Dawn smiled.

    "I'm Ash..." Ash began. "...and these two are my companions Dawn..." Dawn waved hello. "...and Brock."

    "How do you do?" Brock smiled before Dawn shot him a warning glance.

    "Nice to meet you three." Isis smiled. "I suppose I can tell you about why our current job is delayed. See, we hired an expert stonecutter to help us build a new bridge for this area. Then he hurt his back some months ago. Then the head engineer took charge and put me in charge of stonecutting, but work has ground to a halt."

    "Leave it to me!" Brock grinned. "I'll have the crew inspired in no time!"

    [This sounds a lot like the story of the Absol that built a bridge...] Tarina mused.

    "Say..." Brock smiled. "Tarina, you're a genius!"

    He motioned to Ash and Dawn. "Come on...I have an idea."


    ..."Your true name is Purmina!" Ash finally declares in character as the carpenter some time later.

    Dawn feigns shock as Brock plays an upward glissando. " did you know?"

    "That is only for me to know, Lady Purmina." Ash smiles. Dawn dashes out of the stage area, over an interlude from Brock.

    "And so, the Absol disappeared into the mists, humiliated that a human knew her true name." Brock narrates over his song. "Yet the bridge remained, forming a lovely arch over the roaring rapids. The bridge stood for many years afterwards. It can still be seen today, all thanks to a brave carpenter brave enough to guess an Absol's name."

    He looks out over the enthralled Machokes and Machamps. "So ends the tale named 'The Absol that Built a Bridge'."

    [Bravo!] a Machoke called as Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Tarina took a bow.

    [Encore!] a Machamp agreed.

    Even Isis smiled as she applauded. "While that was a great show, the Machokes and the Machamps are not the problem..."

    "Then what is?" Dawn asked as she helped disassemble the makeshift stage.

    "The Pokémon which cuts the stone." Isis replied. "If you would like, I can take you three to the quarry."

    "Lead the way, then." Brock assured Isis.


    After climbing down a slope into the quarry, Isis pointed out a large beaver-like Pokemon dozing on a rock. "That is the Pokemon that cuts the stone."

    "Bibarel, the beaver Pokemon." Ash's Pokedex began. "It makes its nest by damming streams with bark and mud. It is known as an industrious worker."

    "If it's dozing like that, it's not working very hard." Dawn noted.

    "That's nothing a Pokeflute wouldn't fix!" Ash smiled.

    He held up a long deep brown recorder-like instrument with diamond inlays. "A couple of tunes should wake it up!"

    He balked when Brock showed him a larger sideblown Pokeflute. "We may need a bigger instrument for a bigger Pokemon."

    "The Pokeflute comes in bigger sizes besides what Ash has?" Dawn gasped.

    "The Pokeflute is actually its own family of instruments." Brock explained. "What Ash has, and the most common size you'll see, is the soprano Pokeflute, which is endblown. What I have is an alto Pokeflute, which can be either sideblown or endblown."

    "Oh, now I remember!" Ash smiled. "When I was little, they let you play the alto if you had passed the mastery benchmark for the soprano, if you wanted. I passed the benchmark, but wasn't interested in learning a new way to blow. You also had to learn to read everything a fifth downward."

    "Then let me show you guys what the alto Pokeflute sounds like..." Brock smiled before preparing to play.

    With that, he started playing the mighty instrument. A warm resonant F# echoed through the quarry. The single note then transformed into a playful, mysterious melody. Ash, Dawn, Isis, and the Pokemon listened, spellbound by the big flute.

    But the Bibarel yawned and changed positions on the rock as the last note faded. "Hm...Pokeflutes are supposed to wake Pokemon, not put them to sleep..." Brock mused.

    "If you're curious, I was the one who taught the Bibarel to cut stone, before showing it to the expert stonecutter." Isis explained. "The expert stonecutter took it under his wing. In a few short months, the Bibarel mastered stonecutting. Since the expert stonecutter hurt himself, Bibarel has refused to cut stone."

    "Okay, so motivation's not the problem..." Brock mused as he put the alto Pokeflute away. "I was once the leader of the Pewter Gym in Kanto. So I should know a thing or two about cutting rock."

    He motioned to Ash. "Mind if I borrow Diddy, Tails, and Gaia for a second?"

    "Sure!" Ash replied as Diddy, Tails, and Gaia romped to Brock's side.

    [What about me? What can I do?] Tarina asked.

    "You can help too, okay?" Brock assured Tarina before leading Diddy to a slab of rock. "Okay...can you heat this slab of rock for me?"

    [Sure!] Diddy replied. [How hot do you need it?]

    "Hot enough that it will crack when we cool it down." Brock explained before giving Tails his instructions. "When you see the heated rock about to turn white, cool it down with a Water Gun."

    [Got it!] Tails replied.

    "Gaia, Tarina, over here..." Brock motioned for the Budew and the Pichu to come to him. "Once the rock cracks, I want you guys to break it off and cut it into smooth blocks. Can you two work together to do that?"

    [Leave it to us!] Gaia smiled. Tarina nodded in agreement.


    Isis sighed as she measured a block the group had cut. "You were close, but the blocks are the wrong size." Everyone groaned at this.

    Dawn gasped as a giant digger approached the quarry. 'The head engineer from before!"

    "Rhydon, cut the stone with Horn Drill!" the engineer commanded.

    No one expected the Bibarel to slam into the Rhydon. Angered, the Rhydon whapped the Bibarel with its tail. The attack sent the Bibarel flying across the ground.

    Tarina gasped as the Rhydon lifted a foot to crush the Bibarel. [I can't look!]

    A smile formed on Isis' face when she heard the Rhydon roar in pain. "I see--the Bibarel's trying to defend the quarry!"

    "Aggron, use Iron Head!" The head engineer first summoned a large steel reptilian Pokemon.

    "Magmar, use Flamethrower!" He next summoned a red and yellow humanoid Pokemon.

    "Metang, use Metal Claw!" He then summoned a metallic Pokemon with two arms.

    "Go, Bibarel!" Ash cheered as the Bibarel dodged the Iron Head and Metal Claw.

    He gasped as the Bibarel went flying from the Flamethrower. "Come on, everyone! We need to help the Bibarel fend off these bullies!"

    He called "Tintri, use Iron Tail!"

    [Take THIS!] Tintri squeaked as he whacked the Rhydon, sending it sliding backwards.

    [HAAAAAHHHH!!!!] Diddy heaved a Flamethrower at the Metang.

    [Time to cool down!] Tails taunted before heaving a Water Gun at the Magmar!

    Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo.... Tarina's tiny voice rang over the noise, sending the Aggron into a leafy tornado from Gaia.

    Dawn grinned when she saw the trapped Aggron. "Kori, use Bubblebeam!"

    Ash gasped as the head engineer jumped into the digger. "He's gonna crush us!" he screamed as the digger sped towards the quarry wall.

    "What the..." Dawn gasped as a large rock appeared and knocked the digger over.

    "Who did that?" the engineer demanded as he climbed from the ruined digger. "Who ruined my plan to crush these meddling kids?"

    An older man peeked over the quarry edge with his own Machamp. "I did--you have a lot of explaining to do." he warned.

    "But, I thought--!" Isis gasped.

    "I never hurt my back in the first place." the expert stonecutter explained. "The only thing that needed healing was the blueprints. Somebody destroyed the originals and drew some of their own, and they were not up to regional code!"

    "Sir, I did it so the project would be finished on time, and my reputation would be saved!" the engineer protested.

    "You call THIS quality work?" The expert stonecutter removed the support from the bridge, causing it to crumble to dust.

    Isis and the group approached the engineer. "You will never work as an engineer alongside stonecutters again, if you're going to do sub par work!"

    "Leave this site immediately, or else!" the expert stonecutter agreed.

    The group cheered as the head engineer ran off, followed by his Pokémon. "Thank you all for your help and talents." Isis smiled. "Although, how are we going get the project finished on time without a blueprint?"

    "Don't worry--I already made a new blueprint for the bridge." the expert stonecutter smiled as he revealed a new blueprint. "These three are more than welcome to help out, even if its just motivating the crew."

    [Come on!] Tarina called to the other Pokemon. [Let's get to work building the bridge!]


    The sound of a bansi playing a festive melody in time to a frame drum and the group working rang across the site. Everybody, everybody, come out here! Tarina sang to rally the Machokes and Machamps. Everybody, everybody, come follow me!

    Everybody, everybody, come out here!
    Everybody, everybody, come follow me!

    Their eyes have met, and a battle has begun! Tarina sang as she handed off five small stones to a Machoke.
    Two teams of Pokemon fight here today!
    They fight intensely! They fight intensely!
    I don't know which one's gonna win!
    At this line, Diddy heated up another block of stone.

    A brave trainer, a cap upon his head... Tarina kept singing as she delivered another block to a Machoke to put in place.
    He tells the Pokemon to move away!
    They move so smoothly! They move so smoothly!
    One will live to fight another day!

    Even if I never saw them fight before,
    I believe the trainer with the hat will win!
    Tarina winked at Ash as she received more blocks from Gaia.
    He keeps his wits about him, and when it's over he will win a badge! Oh, yeah yeah!

    She romped to the overlook where Ash and Brock were performing from, exhorting the others to keep working. Glitter glitter, glitter in the sunshine now!
    It will shine down on us forever!

    Glitter glitter, glitter in the sunshine now!
    We will be shining as we dance through it all!


    Later that evening, the group met the expert stonecutter and Isis at the top of a hill. "Thank you all for your hard work!" Isis smiled as she admired the now completed bridge. "Your Pichu's little song really inspired the crew. They finished the bridge before nightfall!"

    "As thanks for all you've done today, take these." the stonecutter offered the group some red headbands. "They're a gift from me."

    He knelt down to Tarina's eye level. "And thank you, little one, for that enthusiastic ondo. You and your master have real talent."

    [Care to show off some kung fu, Brock?] Tails grinned as Brock tied on his own headband.

    "I do in fact, know some kung fu..." Brock replied. "Catching Raikou By the Tail!" he announced as he jump kicked the air. "Three Beasts Guard the Road!" He shielded Tarina and the Pokemon from an imagined attack.

    "Have you taken lessons, Mr. Kung Fu Master?" Dawn smiled as Brock continued showing off moves.

    "Yeah--I'm up to blue belt." Brock replied between showing off some kicks. "That's when my dojo teaches you archery martial arts."

    "Cool!" Ash smiled as Brock continued showing off what moves he knew against the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 46: Luxray Vision!

    "Helping to build that bridge was so fun!" Dawn smiled. "Was that song Tarina sang something she learned, or did she make it up?"

    [I made it up myself.] Tarina replied as the group rounded a corner. In the distance, Ash could see a courtyard belonging to a majestic mansion.

    What the group did not expect was a flash of light! "Gah! Bright!" Ash yelped as he rushed to shield his eyes from the light.

    He spotted a blue haired girl in an outfit resembling a blue, black and yellow lion Pokemon on the mansion's roof. The lion Pokemon jumped down before the group, spurring the girl to call "Wait, Shine! Not yet!"

    [Come on, Tarina!] Tintri called as he motioned for Tarina to follow him. [This way!]

    [Yipe!] Tarina jumped to avoid the lion Pokemon's claws as she followed Tintri into a bush. [Why are they treating us like bad guys? We're not bad guys!]

    [Try telling that to Electro-lion there!] Tintri yelped. The lion Pokemon approached the bush, intent on capturing the frightened mice Pokemon.

    Dawn decided to read up on the lion Pokemon as it and Tintri stared each other down:

    "Luxray, the gleam eyes Pokemon. It has eyes that can see through anything. It spots and captures prey hiding behind objects."

    "That explains how it found Tintri and Tarina..." she mused as she pocketed her Pokedex.

    "Shine, please!" the teal haired girl begged as the Luxray fired off an Iron Tail. "Wait!"

    Ash winced as both Tintri's and the Luxray's tails clashed with a loud CLANG! "We're not bad guys, honest! So why are you treating us like bad guys?"

    "You three don't look like criminals in the least." the mansion's owner smiled as he came into the courtyard. "You all did a fine job in the Hearthome Theater's production of 'Robin Hood', I might add."

    "Thanks..." Dawn replied. "It was fun playing Maid Marian."

    "If you don't mind my asking, is there a reason for the extra security, sir?" Brock asked.

    "Matthew, please." the man smiled.

    He watched as Brock whistled for Tarina. "I increased security because a band of three crooks, threatened to steal an old charm of mine. When I asked the Officer Jenny from Mahogany Town for help, Marble, Shine's owner, went in her place."

    "Oh, so the Luxray's name is Shine, huh?" Ash mused as Shine and Tintri stared each other down. "If you don't mind, we can help you keep an eye out for these crooks!"

    "Sure!" Marble smiled. "I'll make sure you're paid for your time, if you need some pocket money for your travels."


    "Here..." Matthew made a grand gesture to a large vault at the end of a tunnel. "This is where I keep my treasures, including my old charm."

    "The note the bandits left said they would try to steal it at eight o'clock tonight." Marble explained. "I've been worried about Shine though. Ever since he evolved from a Luxio, he has been unable to use Electric moves."

    "That's weird..."Ash mused.

    "One time, when we tried to help Officer Jenny capture a crook, Shine wasn't able to use Charge Beam." Marble went on. "This forced Jenny's Arcanine Ember to stop the crook. It also made Shine quite upset--and he has been hostile ever since."

    "Poor Shine..." Dawn sighed.

    "This was why I was excited to see your Pikachu and the red mage Pichu." Marble asked. "Maybe they can inspire Shine to use Electric moves again."

    "Say the word, and I can give Shine some special training!" Ash smiled.

    "Actually, I want to start by calming Shine's anger." Marble suggested.

    The group didn't see three female figures approaching the mansion from the tall grass. "This job had better not be a bust..." one grumbled.

    "Relax, Kiku--Old Charms go for billions on the black market." another assured her companion. "All we have to do is bypass security, get the Old Charm at the very least, and go."


    Brock looked at the clock on his PokeNav. "It's 7:50 PM--all is well."

    "What if the bandits only said 8 PM to throw us off?" Dawn worried. "They could be long gone by now!"

    "If someone says they'll be there by 8 PM, they should be there by 8 PM, if not a little earlier." Ash assured Dawn.

    "Key word being 'a little earlier.' Brock cautioned. "It's possible the crooks managed to mess with the clocks enough to fool us it is earlier than it is. This means Dawn could be right, and it is now 8 PM."

    "You're absolutely right, Squinty-eyes!" a female voice taunted as a red haired girl in black and red garb emerged from the grass. "Beauty roll call! Miho!"

    "Taki!" a blue haired girl in black and blue garb called as she leaped onto a ledge.

    "Kiku!" a blonde haired girl in black and yellow garb called as she leaped behind Brock.

    "We are the Bandit Beauties Three!" the girls chorused as they surrounded the group.

    "Tintri, shock these super sentai bandits with a Thunderbolt!" Ash called.

    He gasped as Shine knocked the thunderbolt away and tried to attack Miho with Iron Tail. In all the confusion, the three beauties dashed away.

    "Where did our sentai trio of bandits get to?" Dawn asked when the smoke cleared some moments later.

    "Shine deflected the attack and tried to attack himself. That bought the beauties time to get away." Ash explained. "Who knows where they are now?"

    [We'll go find them!] Tintri volunteered.

    [Stay with me, everyone!] Shine called as he dashed down a corridor.

    "They must still be in the area, since the exterior is still being watched." Matthew explained. "There are plenty of traps in the area too. The beauties have been known to hide treasures."

    Back with the Pokemon, Shine noticed that Tintri was nearing a pit trap! [Watch out, both of you!]

    [WAUUUUUUUGGGHHH!!!] Tintri screeched as he slipped and fill into the pit.

    [EEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAHHHH!] Tarina went tumbling into the pit seconds later.

    "Tintri! Tarina!" Ash called as he approached the pit. "Stay where you are, I'm coming to save you!" he called down into the large hole.

    "Wait--I know a better and safer way down there." Matthew suggested as he pulled Ash away from the hole. "Come with me."


    [Are you okay, little one?] Shine asked as she and Tintri collected themselves.

    [I think so...] Tarina replied as she eased herself to her feet and bushed the dust from her hat. [Wearing a cape has its advantages--makeshift parachute!]

    Shine chuckled at this. [That it is--let's begin retracing our steps back to the surface.]

    He gasped as the floor opened up beneath him! [WHOA!]

    [Shine!] Tintri scrambled to the hole's edge, where Shine was trying to regain his footing above a spike pit.

    [Here, Shine! Catch!] Tarina called as she heaved a rope over to Shine.

    Once sure Shine had gripped the rope, she started pulling with all her strength...


    [Whew...I did it!] Tarina heaved with exhaustion as Shine emerged onto safe ground again.

    [Thank you for rescuing me from a painful fate, little one--Tarina, was it?] Shine purred as he nuzzled Tarina.

    He looked over at Tintri. [Forgive me for trying to push you away--I realize you were only trying to help...]

    [Aw, it's okay.] Tintri smiled. [So, are we a team?]

    [I'd say we are...] Tarina wheezed.

    [Then let's go--I'm sure your masters are worried sick about you.] With that, Shine led the way down the corridor...


    "You know--I love how well you, your Pikachu, and your friend's Pichu work together." Marble smiled as she and the others made their way down another corridor in the network of passages.

    "Well, Tintri and Tarina are best friends, so they know how to work together." Ash replied. "You'd never believe it now, but when I first started as a trainer, Tintri and I had a very fragile relationship. He wouldn't listen to me until he protected me from a flock of wild Spearow. Not because I told him to, but because he wanted to."

    "Long story." Brock whispered.

    "Shine may want to get along with you better if you try to maintain a relationship with him outside of work." Ash went on, oblivious to the three beauties attempting to dig their way out.


    [Okay...there is a route in this wall.] Shine reported. [Do you guys want to continue down this way, or take the hidden route.

    [The hidden route!" Tintri smiled as he dashed ahead. [Maybe there's more treasure down here!]

    [Wait!] Shine called after Tintri. [There's a trap up ahead!]

    Tarina felt a click as she hurried after Tintri. [Uh oh...] she gasped as she heard a whoosh of a flurry of darts approaching!

    She dove to the ground in an attempt to avoid the darts. She gasped when an arrow came flying down the corridor, deflecting the darts. [You guys! Over here!] she waved as the group arrived in the corridor.

    "Tarina!" Brock set his gear aside and hurried to hug Tarina. "Are you okay? You had me worried for a moment when you took a spill down here..."

    [I'm fine.] Tarina replied. [Thanks for saving us with the nice shot!]

    "Thank Arceus you're okay, bud!" Ash cried as he hugged Tintri.

    "Shine, you're okay!" Marble hugged Shine. "Let's find a way out of--!"

    A click and a rumble got her attention. "Oh no..."

    "The walls are closing in!" Dawn called over the rumbling. "We need to find a switch Brock can hit to stop it from crushing us!"

    Shine glanced around the room, aware of Brock preparing another shot. [Aim for this red switch on the north wall!]

    The group held their breaths as Brock fired, hitting the switch and forcing the wall trap to reset itself. [Just like in Zelda!] Tarina smiled.

    The beauties arrived in the chamber moments later, carrying a chest. "Don't know why this charm's so important, but a job's a job." Kiku muttered.

    "We'll take care of these intruders while you make a break for the exit!" Miho instructed Kiku. "Go!"

    "Right!" With that, Kiku dashed down another hallway.

    "Rubicante, let's go!" Miho summoned a Charmeleon before the group. "Start with Flame Burst!"

    "Cagnazzo, Bite the Luxray!" Taki summoned a Wartortle.

    [Hah!] Shine first deflected the Wartortle's attack, then knocked the Charmeleon backwards. [I have them stunned, here's your chance!] he called to Tintri.

    [Right!] Tintri fired a Thunderbolt, shocking both Pokemon.

    Shine seemed to smile as he absorbed some of the stray bolts from Tintri's attack. them both. [Yes...yes! This power I remembered from when I was a Luxio. It's coming back to me!]

    "Shine, try Charge Beam!" Marble called.

    [RAAAAAAUGHH!!!!!] Shine then fired a sparking yellow beam. The attack paralyzed the Charmeleon and Wartortle and sent the box with the old charm flying.

    Dawn caught the box with the charm. "I have the old charm, so give the beauties the shock of their lives!"

    [YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!] Tintri, Tarina, and Shine cried as they created a white thunderbolt. The force of the massive bolt was so strong, it sent the beauties flying...


    "I can't even begin to thank you all for recovering my old charm." Matthew smiled as the three beauties were arrested and led away.

    "Marble, why did you break protocol and come here without getting permission?" Jenny asked Marble.

    Marble sighed. "I'm sorry...I didn't intend to break protocol, but this case sounded urgent."

    Jenny's stern expression softened. "Well...I will only let you off with a warning this time. No matter how urgent the call is, you need to get approval before working a case.

    She smiled. "I will commend you for developing a bond with Shine, at least."

    Matthew watched as Officer Jenny, Marble, and Shine departed. "And thank you, travelers, for helping out. The least I can do is give you a place to stay for the night."

    "We would appreciate that." Dawn smiled.

    A guitar chord got her attention. "You actually wrote a song about what happened today?" she asked as Brock finished fine tuning.

    "Yeah--its working title for the time being is 'Thunder in the Underground'." Brock replied before starting a brisk introduction...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 47a: Journey to the Unown (part 1)

    "Okay, Lola--let's try Focus Million Fist next." Dawn explained to her Buneary. "Remember how that goes?"

    [Of course!] Lola squeaked. [Use Focus Punch as fast as you can to make it look like you have a million fists!]

    She focused her power, making both her tiny fists glow a light blue. [HAI-yayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya!!!!!]

    Dawn applauded the flurry of shining fists. "Very good!"

    Some applause got her attention. "Not bad, Dee Dee! In fact, I read somewhere Buneary can learn that move via breeding."

    Dawn whirled around to find Barry approaching the hill. "Care to explain how Lola knows it even though I caught her in the wild?"

    "She once had an owner?" Barry mused.

    "What's with the whole 'Dee Dee' routine?" Ash wondered. "Every time we've met Barry so far, he tends to call you that, even though you don't like it. Do you feel comfortable telling me why?"

    Dawn sighed. "Not really--I'd prefer you not go there."

    "All right, I will respect your wish." Ash replied.

    He then addressed Barry. "So, what about that battle we never finished?"

    "Love to, but not right now." Barry replied. "I was going to see Dialga and Palkia." He made a grand gesture to what looked like the ruins of a temple in the distance. "But if you wanna battle, we can do it in front of the Dialga and Palkia statues."

    Ash looked over at the massive statues looming over the entrance. "It sounds a little creepy, but part of me also thinks it'd be kinda cool!"

    He watched as Brock drew a Poke Ball in the grass. "Which side of the Poke Ball do you want?"

    "Don't care." Barry replied.

    Ash was about to protest when Dawn arrived with her Poketch. "I got a Coin Flipper app in the latest auto-update, so why don't we flip a coin to determine who gets what side?"

    She showed the boys the coin on the screen. "Arceus face is heads...Shinou League crest is tails. Call the toss, and whoever gets it right gets the Diamond side."

    "That's fair." Barry smiled. "Tails."

    "Heads!" Ash called as Dawn hit the button to flip the coin.

    Dawn looked at the results of the flip. "It's heads...Ash gets the Diamond side."

    The group didn't see Mars, Jupiter, and a third admin with pointy blue hair going inside the ruins.


    "Diddy, here we go!" Ash summoned his Chimchar as Brock's whistle blew.

    "Aster, here we go!" Barry called, summoning a Roserade onto the Pearl side.

    Dawn grinned. "I bet Barry sent out a Roserade to focus more on showing off moves than attacking."

    "Diddy, start with a Tackle!" Ash called.

    Barry gasped as Diddy rammed into his Roserade. "Wow! That was quick!

    "Diddy, use a Flame Wheel before it gets up!" came Ash's next command.

    "Aster, counter with Magical Leaf!" Barry shot back.

    [AUGGGHHH!!!] Diddy yelped as the shining leaves surrounded him.

    "Focus, Diddy! Try to Bite the Roserade!" Ash called.

    "Aster, try Energy Ball!" Barry called.

    Dawn gasped in awe as Barry's Roserade started to charge a yellow-green ball of energy. "That's beautiful!"

    Ash braced himself from the force of the Energy Ball's explosion. "Wow...that was cool!" he gasped. "Even though it did a number on Diddy..."

    "That was Energy Ball." Barry explained. "Not just Grass types can learn it. It's possible for your friend's Vulpix to learn it, and some exotic Fairy types too."

    "Can Diddy learn something like it?" Ash asked as he tended to Diddy.

    Barry thought for a moment. "A similar cool looking move for a Fire type would be the move Heat Wave. It's typically seen on Legendaries, but some other Fire Pokemon can learn it on their own.

    He smiled. "It'll be tough, but I'll teach it to Diddy if you can beat me."

    "It's a deal!" Ash smiled.


    Meanwhile, the three Galactic admins watched as the Unown inscriptions in a large open room became real Unown. "Mars, Jupiter...Cyrus salutes you for your dedication in pursuing those clever trainers." the third admin began. " You've still managed to give the team some valuable information we could use in creating our new world."

    "Thanks, Saturn." Mars replied as a box emerged from the ground. "Those trainers have proved themselves more clever than we anticipated..."

    "Be the most wary around the tall one that sings!" Jupiter agreed. "His happy go lucky exterior belies a skilled archer, and he has magical power too!"

    "Point duly noted." Saturn smiled as he reached for the box.

    He gasped as the Unown started firing beams of rainbow light at him! "Ara, use Confuse Ray!"

    Jupiter shielded her eyes from the bright orange flash. "We need to go, now!"


    "What in the world?" Dawn gasped as she felt the stairs start to float.

    She gasped when she saw the ruin glowing an ominous red. "What's going on?"

    [Help!] Kori called as she scrambled to hang onto the stairs.

    Lola hurried to help Kori. [I have you, don't let go!] she assured Kori as she grabbed Kori's right fin.

    Neither Pokemon expected to slip and tumble down the steps. "Hang on, I'm coming!" Dawn called before jumping down after her falling Piplup and Buneary.

    "I have a bad feeling about this..." Barry mused as the ruins were engulfed with red energy.

    "Why are you so scared?" Ash wondered.

    "I think the correct question is how you and Brock are NOT scared!!!" Barry cried. "For all I know, it's the end of the world!"

    "If the trainer is scared, think about how the Pokémon feel." Ash replied as Brock rubbed Barry's shoulders in an attempt to calm him.

    Barry took a deep breath to calm his jangled nerves. "You have a point, there. You need to be a leader to your team, and they need to know you will keep them safe."

    "Exactly." Brock smiled as he retrieved the Explorer's Kit from his bag. "Even though you're freaked out, you need to at least look like you're calm to the Pokemon."

    He unzipped the main pocket of the Explorer's Kit. "Now, let's go find Dawn."


    In the ruins, Dawn spotted Kori and Lola untangling themselves in a room that split into a three way fork. "There you are! Are you guys okay?"

    [I think so...] Kori groaned as she got up. [Even though I don't know where we are...]

    I know the way. a female voice echoed in Dawn's head.

    "Who's there?" Dawn gasped. "Friend, or foe?"

    A white humanoid Pokemon materialized before Dawn. I'm a friend--I can help you three get out of here. it telepathically explained.

    Piqued, Dawn looked up the Pokemon on her Pokedex:

    "Ralts, the feeling Pokemon. It is highly attuned to the emotions of people and Pokémon. It hides if it senses hostility."

    "Okay, Miss Ralts, lead the way." Dawn replied as she pocketed her Pokedex.

    This way. The Ralts then hovered down the right corridor.


    [I wonder what ancient people built this place...] Lola mused. She and Kori gawked for a moment at the Unown inscriptions and drawings on the walls.

    Dawn was about to answer when she saw a large band-like ring with wave designs surrounding a diamond. "Hm...a ring. What happens if I try to wear it?"

    The diamond in the center of the ring glowed, and a female voice singing Leishu shun ji, lei si... echoed in Dawn's mind. "What was that? You?" she asked the Ralts.

    No...that was the essence of the Mega Ring. the Ralts explained. Its former owner gave it up, and it made its way into these ruins.

    "Okay, I'll memorize this gobbledygook in case it's important later." Dawn mused before repeating the odd words to herself. "Leishu shun ji, lei si..."

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 47b: Journey to the Unown (part 2)

    Previously, on "Pokemon Shine Diamond"...

    Dawn was about to answer when she saw a large band-like ring with wave designs surrounding a diamond. "Hm...a ring. What happens if I try to wear it?"

    The diamond in the center of the ring glowed, and a female voice singing Leishu shun ji, lei si... echoed in Dawn's mind. "What was that? You?" she asked the Ralts.

    No...that was the essence of the Mega Ring. the Ralts explained. Its former owner gave it up, and it made its way into these ruins.

    "Okay, I'll memorize this gobbledygook in case it's important later." Dawn mused before repeating the odd words to herself. "Leishu shun ji, lei si..."

    "There's so many of them!" Ash called as he did his best to swat away the confused Unowns that swooped at him in every direction. "What did we ever do to them?"

    "Nothing!" Brock replied. "Someone or something must've confused them!"

    [Take THIS, alphabet rejects!] Tintri taunted as he fired a Thunderbolt.

    [HAH!!] Diddy also fired an Ember.

    Ash watched as Aster and Flora attacked, snapping the Unown out of confusion. "It worked!" he smiled as the swirling rainbows around the group dissipated.

    "Let's go find Dawn!" Brock lead the way down a tunnel.


    "Gah!" Dawn gasped as she raced down a hallway, some confused Unowns not far behind her. "They keep coming and coming!"

    She gasped as more swarms of Unowns flew in to block every possible exit. Even though she shook and her heart was pounding, an idea gave her a sense of calm. Maybe, if I tried singing that song I heard before...

    She held her hand to the sky. Leishu shun ji, lei si...

    Kori began to glow with an electric blue aura as she unleashed a shining Whirlpool. "Wow! it boosted Kori!" Dawn smiled.

    Not quite... the Ralts cautioned. Your Piplup can't Mega Evolve. If you were to sing your Heart Song, the best you could do is boost one move.

    Dawn looked over at the Unowns swirling in the shining Whirlpool. "That explains the aura..."

    "OOF!!!" the three admins gasped as they came crashing down from a nearby flight of stairs. "Rough landing..." Mars muttered as she dusted herself off.

    The Ralts spotted another swarm on Unown approaching from behind. [HAAAAAH!!!] she screeched as she unleashed a psychic sound wave.

    Ash and the others arrived some moments later. "That's a Ralts!" Ash gasped, recognizing the white humanoid Pokemon with Dawn.

    Leishu shun ji, lei si... the Ralts sang, snapping the Unowns out of confusion.

    Dawn realized she, her team, and the admins were actually on the ceiling as the illusion was dispelled. "AUGH!!!"

    "I gotcha!" Ash hurried to catch Dawn, but ended up catching Kori instead.

    Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... Brock's voice echoed through the ruins. A bright green light lit up the hallway as Argent became Mega Steelix.

    "Thanks for the rescue, big guy!" Dawn smiled as Argent set her down on safe ground.

    [Anytime.] Argent purred as he went to help the admins down.

    Ash noticed the Ralts with Dawn. "So...congrats on your new Ralts."

    "But, I didn't--!" Dawn started to protest.

    Whatever you did or did not do is none of my concern. the Ralts explained. I choose to come with you by my own choice. No more, and no less.

    Dawn watched as a door leading outside rumbled open. "Okay--welcome to the team, Miss Ralts."


    "Ralts, the feeling Pokemon. It is highly attuned to the emotions of people and Pokemon. It hides if it senses hostility." Ash's Pokedex explained. as Dawn and the Ralts were nearby, practicing appeals with a Psychic blast.

    "So what did you name this Ralts?" he asked as he pocketed the Pokedex. "May named hers Zelda."

    "A fitting name, considering her digital namesake has visions in her dreams." Dawn smiled. "I named mine Satomi. She may be the newcomer, but I think she can win me the Solaceon Contest."

    "It's gonna be strange not having a Fantasy Stage to compete in alongside Dawn. but that means I can finally see what's going on when I'm performing." Brock mused.

    Ash spotted Barry departing. "What about our battle?"

    "You did well enough that I'll teach Diddy Heat Wave." Barry smiled. "Just don't tell Dawn how scared I was."

    "Trainer's honor!" Ash smiled, making a three fingered scout sign for effect...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"


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