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Thread: Who was your first shiny Pokemon?

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    Who was your first shiny Pokemon?

    My first shiny Pokemon was a shiny Mankey in Pokemon Leafgreen. I was looking for a Machop and an Onix (for the Pokedex) in the Rock Tunnel when I found this shiny. I caught it and I traded it to one of my cousins in return for a (regular) Charmander.
    (A few years later, I started shiny hunting and I decided to "reclaim" a shiny Mankey, which wasn't difficult because I found another 1/8192 shiny Mankey after only 572 encounters.)

    How about you? :)

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    It was a Poliwag in Gold version,..I think caught in a cave but the more I think about it I can't remember exactly where. It is either still sitting there on my old Gold cartridge, wherever in the world that may be, or it has been lost forever due to battery death or someone's new game.

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    So, my first shinies were actually in Heartgold. My first ever shiny I got from a distribution. It was either the Shiny Pichu event or the Shiny Eevee event, I can't really remember which I got first. But either way, I still have both today! Here they both are on my Moon cartirdge!

    As for my first wild shiny, technically that was the Lake of Rage gyarados. But scripted shiny aside, it was a psyduck in in the Ilex Forest in Heartgold. And before you ask, yes I still have both of those too. Here they are!

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    My first Shiny was a Ponyta in the original Silver (that has long since been sent to the Void of Deletion)

    But I did record some Shinies on video in Gen 3--a Spinda on Sapphire (after the fact), and a Shiny Onix in LG (which I actually recorded catching)

    Take a look:

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    My first ever shiny was a drowzee in Gold. Mainly because I was dumb and fainted the red gyarados. xD

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    Yep, the red Gyarados. I haven't had any other shinies besides that one.

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    The Red Gyarados was my original first, but after that Peliper was my next. Since then I've had multiple others. Each coming from XY and ORAS. Mostly XY using the Masuda Method

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    I think it was Graveller in Pokemon Pearl?

    It was that, or a Graveller in Pokemon FireRed that I know I caught. I also found a Shiny Machoke later that day. They were both completely random.

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    Oh, I didn't even consider counting the Gyarados. Yeah technically it was that for me too, the Poliwag I found much much later.

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    It depends. How sane are you?
    It was a wurmple in platinum that later evolved into Dustox.
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