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Thread: Who was your first shiny Pokemon?

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    First shiny was a Growlithe in HeartGold, which was also my first Pokemon game. Came across it randomly in a patch of grass and thankfully caught it, but I have no clue what happened to it from there...

    Even if I may not have deleted the file it was on, I've loooong lost that HG cartridge by now.
    Godspeed, shiny Growlithe.

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    Mine was a Gastly that I saw in the Old Chateau in Pearl, and I thought it was a glitch because its gas was blue, so I wanted to catch it. Sadly, I lacked the Poke Balls to even try. My first actual capture was a Snover on Mt. Coronet. I noticed the sparkle and realised it was a Shiny, but I wasn't too impressed because it looked barely different to all of the Snover I'd seen before it. Either way, I transferred it all the way to X without using it, but then I tried going for the National Pokédex and I evolved it, so now I have a Shiny Abomasnow in Moon. :D

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    Not counting the Red Gyarados, mine were a Kakuna and a Flaaffy in HeartGold (and yes, I caught both in the same playthrough), and later a Trubbish in Black2. Sadly, Trubbish was lost in a flood that destroyed most of my games. Kakuna and Flaaffy (who are now a Beedrill and an Ampharos) I think are still in HG.

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    I don't remember if I caught the red gyarados in Silver. It was a bootleg rom. XD So my first REAL shiny was a shiny spinda in Emerald. It was on my friend's game but I found it. B) Still have her today! Cloned like fifteen times!

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    I'm pretty sure it was a Voltorb in emerald. I think the poor little ball of anger got lost over time

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    Not counting the Red Gyarados, my first shiny Pokémon was a Zubat in Pokémon Ruby. Unfortunately, I didn't know it was so rare and I'm not sure what happened next, probably killed it. That was really sad.

    After that, I never encountered another shiny until Pokémon Diamond, where I found a shiny Scyther. This time I made sure to catch him

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    Besides the Red Gyarados in Gold, my first random encounter ingame (and ignoring GTS) was Litwick. I was breeding for modest chandelures and came a shiny litwick!


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