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Thread: Showdown Activity on PXR!

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    Showdown Activity on PXR!

    Hey everyone!

    Obviously, Showdown here has been a bit dead the past few months. I have some ideas to get people battling each other again!

    • Get my Showdown server up and keep it up!
    • I hosted my own server in the PXR Winter Carnival; however it wasn't dedicated, and went down a few times. If enough people on PXR are interested on getting back into Showdown I'll make this a priority, 100%.

    • Add a PXR Showdown Database!
    • Also during the Winter Carnival, I uploaded all of the battles to my domain; mainly for proof, but also in case anyone wanted to view them. An idea I had was to add pages for featured battles, which would be the most entertaining/intense/awesome battles PXR has had (as voted on my users)! This would be fairly easy to set up.

    • Have tournaments and a ladder!
    • In the past we've had a few tournaments and a ladder going on. If there is enough interest, I think someone should definitely start a tournament and/or a ladder! If no one is up to the task, I could probably do that after my school semester ends.

    In summary, if a few people are still interested in Showdown, I'll get my server back up. If more are interested, we could see into the other two ideas.

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    I forgot
    im obviously still interested, if it was more active, id probably try a bit more

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