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Thread: Random Shiny Encounters

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    Random Shiny Encounters

    About how many shinies have you found without looking for them? Do you remember what they are?

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    @Bulbasaur Here are my random shiny encounters :

    -Mankey (2009 / Leafgreen / caught / traded to one of my cousins)
    -Golbat (2009 or 2010 / Ruby / caught / traded to my sister)
    -Heracross (June 24, 2010 / Ruby / failed because of the Safari Zone)
    -Pawniard (April 8, 2011 / White / caught)
    -Litwick (May 6, 2011 / White / caught)
    -Excadrill (July 6, 2011 / White / caught)
    -Vibrava (July 6, 2012 / Pearl / caught)*
    -Banette (January 6, 2013 / Black 2 / caught)
    -Woobat (April 8, 2013 / White 2 / caught)
    -Seel (April 14, 2013 / White 2 / caught)
    -Shroomish (August 2, 2013 / Ruby / caught)
    -Sigilyph (November 30, 2013 / X / caught)
    -Mime Jr. (December 17, 2013 / X / caught)
    -Skorupi (January 4, 2014 / X / caught)
    -Swalot (February 17, 2014 / X / caught)**
    -Girafarig (November 30, 2014 / Black 2 / caught)***
    -Octillery (April 25, 2015 / X / caught)**
    -Spinarak (April 1, 2016 / Crystal / caught)****
    -Shuppet (April 9, 2017 / X / caught)**
    -Gumshoos (July 23, 2017 / Moon / caught)

    *In July 2012, I wanted to start a new game in Pokemon Pearl, but I wanted to EV train some Pokemon before cancelling the old save file. Because I was about to cancel that save file anyway, I used the Action Replay to make some Pokemon appear in the tall grass of Route 201, in order to make EV training easier. Vibrava gives 1 Attack EV and 1 Speed EV when defeated, so it was perfect for EV training my Luxio (who is a Luxray now, of course). On July 6, 2012, I was EV training my Luxio using hacked Vibravas on Route 201 when a shiny Vibrava appeared. I was quite upset because the Vibrava was hacked, but the shininess of the Vibrava was legit (I hadn't used the "make all wild Pokemon shiny" Action Replay cheat code). I caught that controversial Pokemon anyway.

    **I caught these Pokemon in the Friend Safari : as a result, they are not full-odds.

    ***This Pokemon comes from a save file I found on the Internet. There is the Shiny Charm on that save file : as a result, my shiny Girafarig is not full-odds.

    ****This Pokemon was caught on a ROM. After Pokemon Crystal came out on the Virtual Console, my shiny Spinarak was transferred to generation 7 by the awesome @Kaoru. :)

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    Only two I have ever found were a Shiny Spinda on Sapphire (emulated, so I took video evidence as proof) and a shiny Onix on LG (also emulated--I filmed that catch)
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    I've been playing the games ever since Ruby and Saphire came out, but despite that I've only ever seen one shiny Pokemon. It was in Pokemon Platinum, where I saw a shiny magnemite

    ...that was owned by a random frontier trainer.


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    I have never found a natural random shiny in the history of ever, even though I've been playing for years and thousands of hours. However, I have a friend whose only shiny she's ever encountered was a Cubchoo, which basically looks the same as the regular one. Quality find, haha.

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    I doubt I will remember all of them, however I will try and take a look at the details of the ones still in my collection. Some I know that I traded away, and may have forgotten.

    These were all found either without trying to hunt this particular shiny, or not even hunting a shine in the first place and just playing the game. I am not concerned with odds but some were if I recall found while having a shiny charm and higher-odd safaris, if that matters to you. (I like muh dex completion)

    -Poliwag in original Gold version (my very first shiny encounter ever, lost forever now of course)
    -Tangrowth in the post-postgame of Black 2. It's in a masterball cause literally why not at that point
    -Abra in Y friend safari (so thankful for Quickballs you have no idea)
    -Swablu in Black 2
    -Sawk in Y safari
    -Throh in Y safari
    -Octillery in Y
    -Nincada in Y (two shinies for price of one on evoluton too)
    -Barbaracle in Y
    -Most recently Inkay (now Malamar) in Ultra Moon.

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